Recommended Read: Weston-super-Nightmare: A Hellbent Riff Raff Thriller by John Bowie

When a group of London gangsters turn up at a half-dead seaside town to take revenge upon a former hardman, they get more than they bargained for. Weston-super-Nightmare is violent and funny and also touching. A vivid Brit Grit gangster yarn full of broad humour, gaudy characters and also pathos. It’s a balancing act thatContinue reading “Recommended Read: Weston-super-Nightmare: A Hellbent Riff Raff Thriller by John Bowie”

Recommended Read: Bad Penny Blues by Cathi Unsworth

At the start of the Swinging Sixties, a serial killer nicknamed Jack The Stripper stalked te streets of West London. In Bad Penny Blues, Cathi Unsworth smartly weaves together fact and fiction as she tells the stories of Stella – a young fashion- designer who is haunted by visons of the dead women – andContinue reading “Recommended Read: Bad Penny Blues by Cathi Unsworth”


John Bowie’s Transference is the follow up to his dark and moody debut novel, Untethered. Similarly soaked in booze and bad decisions, Transference follows its ex- SAS protagonist John B to Manchester where he investigates a young man’s apparent suicide, as well is digging up the dirt that most of the city would prefer toContinue reading “Recommended Read: TRANSFERENCE by JOHN BOWIE”

A Story For Sunday: Sleeping It Off

The sound is a thump, thump, thump that goes on and on and on, over and over again and drags me by my lapels into consciousness. I open my eyes and shards of sunlight slice through the blinds. Squinting, I focus on the worn Francoise Hardy poster on the wall and the familiar red flockContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: Sleeping It Off”

Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby

‘Death has ripples’ ‘Death is contagious’ Sarah is only a young a child when her father talks to her about death and she is haunted by its spectre all her life. In fact, Sarah is not the only one of the characters in Steve Mosby’s brilliant Still Bleeding to have felt death’s ripples. Her close friend Alex Connor,Continue reading “Recommended Read: Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby”

Recommended Read: Dirty Snow and other stories by Martin Stanley

The Stanton Brothers are back! Martin Stanley’s Teesside based crooks return in this short and brutal collection of cracking capers. DIRTY SNOW is choc-full of scams, violence, guady but authenic characters, razor-sharp dialogue and a great sense of place. If you haven’t read a Stanton Brothers book before, you could do a lot worse thanContinue reading “Recommended Read: Dirty Snow and other stories by Martin Stanley”

Tom Leins Reviews Last Year’s Man

Over at his Dirty Books blog, Tom Leins, the grittiest of all Brit Grit writers, says: ‘The rumpled, world-weary triggerman – with a long memory, and an even longer list of health complaints – is a perfect conduit for Brazill’s quirky storytelling style, and the story itself (think Get Carter played for laughs) allows himContinue reading “Tom Leins Reviews Last Year’s Man”

Mark Hewitt Reviews Last Year’s Man

Over at, Mark Hewitt says: ‘5 out of 5 stars Paul D Brazill is this year’s man when it comes to noir The best from Paul so far in my humble opinion and the rest set a high standard. Highly recommended. Thank goodness the book is fiction as I would hate to live anywhere likeContinue reading “Mark Hewitt Reviews Last Year’s Man”

No One Is Innocent at Retreats From Oblivion.

Noir Con‘s online journal –Retreats From Oblivion– have published a slice of my Brit Grit called No One Is Innocent. ‘Marjorie shuffled through the door to the snug and switched on the lights. She pressed a button and the dusty Wurlitzer jukebox burst to life. Jane Morgan belted out ‘The Day The Rains Came.’ InContinue reading “No One Is Innocent at Retreats From Oblivion.”

Recommended Read: Histories Of The Dead by Math Bird

‘History’s never written by the dead.’ Math Bird’s Histories Of The Dead is a brutal and brilliant short story collection that is bookended by two truly powerful short stories- ‘Histories Of The Dead’ and ‘Billy Star.’ The rest of the stories in the collection are just as well-written, moving and compelling. These are evocative storiesContinue reading “Recommended Read: Histories Of The Dead by Math Bird”

Graham Wynd Reviews Last Year’s Man

And says: ‘From blood-soaked shenanigans to effortlessly clever banter, there’s everything you’d expect and more. The motif of the hitman haunted by his past gets a fresh angle as disgraced Tommy Bennett returns to Seatown, the northern coastal city where his past awaits him. A wild mix of musical and pop culture references come atContinue reading “Graham Wynd Reviews Last Year’s Man”

I’m Interviewed by Mark Ramsden

Ace transgressive fiction  writer Mark Ramsden has some nice things to say about my writing and then we have a little natter: ‘In the mid 20th century there were light-hearted crime novels about decent chaps with a taste for adventure. The Saint. The Toff. Perhaps, like Paul Temple, they had a cockney manservant and livedContinue reading “I’m Interviewed by Mark Ramsden”

Recommended Read: This Is How It Ends by Eva Dolan

When property developers buy a London tower block and start to force people out of their homes, Ella and Molly start a protest campaign . But one night, Molly gets a phone call from Ella that throws both of their lives out of kilter. Eva Dolan’s This Is How It Ends is a gripping, rich, Continue reading “Recommended Read: This Is How It Ends by Eva Dolan”

Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues

Over at , ace crime writer Keith Nixon says: 5 out of 5 stars Brazill does it again ‘Poland based British author Paul Brazill serves up another belting slice of noir with a splash of dark humour. Seven interlinked stories follow with an international flavour, leaping principally between London and New York with Durham andContinue reading “Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues”