Recommended Read: One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean by Ian Ayris

First published by Byker Books and now published by Near To The Knuckle, One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean is a gem. Jason is a debt collector and gangster’s enforcer who loves Shostakovitch, poetry and his little girl. He awakes at the break of a harsh day next to a wife who hatesContinue reading “Recommended Read: One Day In The Life Of Jason Dean by Ian Ayris”

How I Wrote … Guns Of Brixton!

Well, you know what they say: ‘When a one armed man chops down a tree in the forest, a butterfly claps’. No, really. The thing is, everything is connected, it really is. And Kevin Bacon is only six friends away from you, even though he isn’t on Facebook. Anyway, it was a while back. I’dContinue reading “How I Wrote … Guns Of Brixton!”

Guns Of Brixton: Update

As you may well  know, last year my comic crime novella GUNS OF BRIXTON was published as an eBook by the great BYKER BOOKS – as part of their Best Of British series- and did pretty well, in the UK at least. And I am more than somewhat chuffed to announce that I have recentlyContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton: Update”

Eileen Wharton Is Down Brit Grit Alley

Bio: Eileen Wharton is a mother, a writer and a teacher. She lives on a council estate and has a phobia of tinned tuna. You can find her on Facebook at EileenWharton-writer or Twitter @Wharton Eileen. Her first novel is called SHIT HAPPENS and is published by Byker Books and available on Amazon. It’s cheap as chips. SheContinue reading “Eileen Wharton Is Down Brit Grit Alley”

News, Updates etc

So, what’s going on? Well, both of the  noir novelettes that I wrote for the Italian publisher Atlantis are now available from Amazon. In English and Italian. You can get Red Esperanto and Death On A Hot Afternoon here. I’ve recently finished a third story in the series. This is set in the Spanish cityContinue reading “News, Updates etc”

What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?

  America may well be the  official home of pulp and noir but the United Kingdom, long  perceived as the land of tame Dame Agatha style cozies and stuck-up, Latin quoting police detectives, also has a grubby underbelly which has produced plenty of gritty crime writing. And there is a new wave of Brit GritContinue reading “What The Hell Is Brit Grit ?”

Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Miles

PDB: Can you pitch 18 DAYS  in 25 words or less? A dark journey into one man’s mind as he struggles to cope with a horrific tragedy in his personal life. Not for the faint-hearted. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? I enjoyed the latest Irvine Welsh book, Skagboys.Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Miles”

Short, Sharp Interview: Fiona Glass

PDB: Can you pitch ‘Gleams of a Remoter World’ in 25 words or less? FG: ‘Gleams of a Remoter World’ by Fiona Glass, out now from Riptide Publishing. “Serving ghosts with the Guinness” – a haunting, bittersweet paranormal mystery set on the remote Irish coast and oozing with ghosts, intrigue and forbidden love. PDB: WhichContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Fiona Glass”


PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”, in 25 words or less? NQ: It’s about the decisions a young man makes when he’s released from prison. Some are easier made when you have a gun in your pocket… PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? NQ:Continue reading “SHORT, SHARP INTERVIEW: NICK QUANTRILL”