Pre-order Cold London Blues

COLD LONDON BLUES is currently available for PRE-ORDER in the UK. The blurb: ‘A killer priest is on the rampage across London and an egotistical Hollywood action movie star is out for revenge when is his precious comic book collection is stolen.Meanwhile, gangster Marty Cook’s dreams of going legit swiftly turn pear shaped when oneContinue reading “Pre-order Cold London Blues”

What Goes On? Zandri, Richardson.

Vincent Zandri. What goes on? What isn’t going is more like it. And that’s a good thing I guess. The year started with the launch of my new stand-alone from Polis Books, ORCHARD GROVE. It’s a full-length down and dirty piece of New York noir that Booklist (Starred Review) called “A riveting story..oh, what a story itContinue reading “What Goes On? Zandri, Richardson.”

What Goes On? Ayris, Godwin

Ian Ayris Well, the reissue of my Kindle novella – One Day in the Life of Jason Dean – has just been released by the brilliant Near to the Knuckle, and April Skies – the sequel to my debut novel – Abide With Me – is due for publication in both paperback and Kindle versionsContinue reading “What Goes On? Ayris, Godwin”

Recommended Read: Frank’s Wild Years by Nick Triplow

At the start of Frank’s Wild Years, Frank Neaves’ wild years are actually buried  deeply in the dim and distant past, and he’s more than content to spend his days propping up the bar of his South London local and viewing life through an alcoholic haze. But then Carl, the landlord of the pub, goes missing and Frank is cajoled by the pub’sContinue reading “Recommended Read: Frank’s Wild Years by Nick Triplow”

Recommended Read: Snatched From Home by Graham Smith

In Graham Smith‘s debut crime novel, Snatched From Home, Nicholas Foulkes’ gambling debts lead to the kidnapping of his children. Meanwhile, unorthodox DI Harry Evans is due to retire and is showing the ropes to his priggish replacement. The two strands then cleverly intertwine. Smith smartly leads us into the book through the point ofContinue reading “Recommended Read: Snatched From Home by Graham Smith”

Recommended Read: I’m Dead Again by Keith Nixon

Keith Nixon is the crime/ thriller equivalent of Tom Sharp, he really is. In I’m Dead Again,  Konstantin – his ex-KGB anti-hero who he first introduced in his debut novel  The Fix –  returns, as does the mysterious Mr Lamb. Both are soon  embroiled in a a twisting and turning thriller that is full ofContinue reading “Recommended Read: I’m Dead Again by Keith Nixon”

Publishing News!

Okey dokey, it’s going to be a hot time on the old publishing front over the next year or so. Caffeine Nights Publishing will be putting out Cold London Blues, a follow up to Guns Of Brixton. As GOB was tied together by Clash songs, CLB uses Vic Godard and Subway Sect songs. All Due RespectContinue reading “Publishing News!”

A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton

Graham Wynd takes a look at THE NEON MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY. ‘Another fistful of fun from Blackwitch Press. A bunch of terrific writers run away with Paul D. Brazill‘s werewolf detective Roman Dalton and the dark madness of The City.‘ Read the rest here. Nigel Bird takes a gander at GUNS OF BRIXTON.Continue reading “A Couple Of Top Reviews: The Neon Moon/ Guns Of Brixton”