Guns Of Brixton: Update

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As you may well  know, last year my comic crime novella GUNS OF BRIXTON was published as an eBook by the great BYKER BOOKS – as part of their Best Of British series- and did pretty well, in the UK at least.

And I am more than somewhat chuffed to announce that I have recently signed a contract with the also great CAFFEINE NIGHTS PUBLISHING who will be re-publishing a slightly longer version of  GUNS OF BRIXTON as a paperback and eBook, and possibly audio-book.

CAFFEINE NIGHTS  were recently shortlisted in the BOOKSELLER INDUSTRY AWARDS and publish some of the best of Brit Grit, including mates such as NICK QUANTRILL, IAN AYRIS, KEITH NIXON, RUTH JACOBS & CHARLIE WADE, as well as best sellers such as GARRY BUSHELL and SHAUN HUTSON.  So, I feel like I fit well in there.

Check out their books here.

The all new, rebooted GUNS OF BRIXTON will be available online and at the classier, cooler bookshops round about November/ December time.

So you know what to buy for Xmas prezzies!

Short, Sharp Interview: Charlie Wade

Seven Daze PDB: Can give us the SP on Seven Daze?

Seven Daze is about a failed first time contract killer, Jim, who gets lumbered with a ten grand debt and only one week to pay. Not having any cash himself, he decides the banking community should do the decent thing and bail him out.

PDB: How did you get involved with Caffeine Nights Publishing?

I got very lucky and submitted during one of their rare open for submission periods. And I blackmailed Darren as well of course.

PDB: Which other books have you published/ been published in?

I’ve had short stories in Off The Record, True Brit Grit and a few other anthologies. One of the other books I’ve written, The Bailout, was available for a while but it’s currently being re-written.

PDB: Are social media useful for a writer or just a waste of time?

Don’t know. It’s good to meet other writers, and I’ve definitely read people’s writing and found authors I wouldn’t have otherwise. But, I find there’s a temptation to spend time where you should be writing doing other things. I suppose it’s like anything, helpful when in moderation.

PDB: What music, books, films or  whatever have blown your skirt up recently?

I’m still trapped in the 80’s and 90’s in spirit so a lot of new stuff passes me by, but the latest Fall lp Re-Mit was as good as ever. 11/22/63 by Stephen King is I think one of the best books he’s ever written, and the new series of Luther looks worth watching.

PDB: Where can people find out more about your books?

I’ve got a blog and my author page at Caffeine Nights is here