Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!

My seaside noir KILL ME QUICK has been rebooted and suited by the folks at Fahrenheit 13 and Farhrenheit Press, and you can pick it up at a discount price if you buy it direct from the publishers. The eBook is less than a quid and the paperback is less than a fiver! Can’t fall off!Continue reading “Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!”

Guest blog: ERSATZ WORLD by Richard Godwin.

Someone is playing computer games with mankind. REALITY? ‘The medium is the message.’ Marshall McLuhan. Here are some thoughts about my latest novel Ersatz World. ERSATZ As defined by the OED: ‘(Of a product) made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else.’ Etymology Late 19th century from German, literally, ‘replacement.’Continue reading “Guest blog: ERSATZ WORLD by Richard Godwin.”