The Company Man by Paul D. Brazill

THE COMPANY MAN Jose opened the waiting room door. Six men, wearing grey suits identical to his, were sat staring straight ahead. Their hands were palm down on their knees. Jose walked in and took a seat next to the reception desk.  He put his hands on his knees and sniffed. He sniffed again. ‘WouldContinue reading “The Company Man by Paul D. Brazill”

News: An Interview and A Few Reviews

Colman Keane interviewed me over at Col’s Criminal Library. ‘Did the end result mirror your expectations at the start of the process, or is it a very different book to what you imagined? Yes, it has the balance of violent, vivid pulp fiction and sixties Britcom that I wanted. I also wanted more gaudy charactersContinue reading “News: An Interview and A Few Reviews”

Last Year’s Man is REVEALED!

Over at COL’S CRIMINAL LIBRARY, Colman Keane reveals the cover of my forthcoming publication, LAST YEAR’S MAN. Last Year’s Man by Paul D. Brazill will by published by All Due Respect on 22 June 2018. A troubled, ageing hit man leaves London and returns to his hometown in the north east of England hoping for peace. But the ghosts of hisContinue reading “Last Year’s Man is REVEALED!”

Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘A bit of what we had in store………. coppers with a penchant for karaoke, criminal families, a Polish policewoman on secondment to the UK, a serial killer called Marjorie Razorblades, an American alcoholic and his irritated wife, prostitutes, death by knitting needle, death by baseball bat, dual settings of London and New York,Continue reading “Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues”

Col’s Criminal Library reviews Too Many Crooks

And says: There aren’t many better ways of spending a couple of hour’s reading-time than in the company of one of Brazill’s books…… mystery, cultural references, action, violence, enough boozing to sink a battleship, memorable characters and a genius for situational comedy Read the rest here.

Colman Keane Reviews The Last Laugh

Over at Col’s Criminal Library, Col says: ’20 short stories here from the master. Humour, violence, action, horror, scams, capers and more. Cross paths with …….posties, barmen, club owners, Petula Clark, pig farmers, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Heaven 17, Ronnie and Reggie, Polish molls, Ukrainian whores, nagging wives and hen-pecked husbands, dead pimps, hitch-hikers andContinue reading “Colman Keane Reviews The Last Laugh”

Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Col’s Criminal Library

Guns Of Brixton gets a great review over at Col’s Criminal Library. Here’s what Col says: ‘Short, sharp, violent, funny, populated by an interesting smorgasbord of low-life, criminals…….  Half-Pint Harry, Anarchy Al and the like. The action mainly concerns recovering a missing suitcase, interspersed with an accidental killing, a jewellery heist, dingy pubs and greasyContinue reading “Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Col’s Criminal Library”