Recommended Read: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household

  When I was a kid I pretty much only read American comics. And I almost never read the books that teachers told us to read.¬† And the few ‘school’ books that I did read were usually like wading through molasses. Except this. Which I loved. Rogue Male was written and is set in 1938.Continue reading “Recommended Read: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household”

Recommended Read: In La-La Land We Trust – Robert Campbell

Back in the early ’80s my friend Deborah Greenwood pointed me in the direction of a lot of writers. Some, like Milan Kundera, I loved. Some, like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I couldn’t be arsed with. Robert Campbell was one of the good ones. The hero of In La-La Land We Trust is Whistler, a privateContinue reading “Recommended Read: In La-La Land We Trust – Robert Campbell”

Short, Sharp Interview: Aldo Calcagno

What was the first zine you were involved with and when was that? Powder Burn Flash¬†was my first experience. It started three years ago when all of a sudden my favorite ezines and websites started to disappear such as Plots With Guns, Demolition and so forth. I wanted to keep alive a forum for writersContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Aldo Calcagno”