Recommended Read: A House Of Ghosts by W C Ryan

  It’s 1917 and British secret agent Donovan heads off to a remote island off the Devon coast to attend a séance on Blackwater Abbey. He is accompanied by Kate Cartwright, who also works for British Intelligence  and who happens to be a psychic. All is not as it seems, of course. Cartwright and DonovanContinue reading “Recommended Read: A House Of Ghosts by W C Ryan”

#FRIDAY FLASH: In The Devil’s Name

Isabelle told the man with the porkpie hat that she had only stopped off at the bar for a couple of drinks to drown her sorrows and that it really wasn’t the sort of establishment that she usually frequented. ‘My father’s funeral, you know?’ she croaked, eyes down, as if she were playing bingo. SinceContinue reading “#FRIDAY FLASH: In The Devil’s Name”