What Goes On? King, Laity.

Dana King. Quite a bit, actually. So much so I’m hoping to take most of the summer off. To wit: My newest Nick Forte PI mystery, A Dangerous Lesson, launched May 15 in print and Kindle editions, both available through all finer Amazon outlets. In this, the fourth of the Forte stories, Nick is investigatingContinue reading “What Goes On? King, Laity.”

Recommended Read: The Man In The Window by Dana King

Private Eye Nick Forte is hired by obnoxious musician Marshal Burton to follow Burton’s equally obnoxious  wife. What should be a mundane divorce case spirals out of control when Burton is killed. Dana King’s The Man In The Window is a joy. Gripping and touching, The Man In The Window is a cracking yarn fullContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Man In The Window by Dana King”

Guest Blog: Nick Forte And Music by Dana King.

Fledgling writers are encouraged to “write what you know.” They’re also urged to “write the kind of book you’d like to read.” What do you do if the only profession you’ve known is music, but you like to read gritty private investigator novels?   Make the investigator a “recovering” musician. The smooth segue is intoContinue reading “Guest Blog: Nick Forte And Music by Dana King.”