News, reviews, and Small Town Blues

Over at the All Due Respect blog, I talk about small town noir and Man Of The World. SMALL TOWN BLUES is here. At Bristol Noir, I have a new short story called IN THE COLD, COLD NIGHT. Episode 2 of Darren Sant’s Tiny Tales podcast has my yarn THE TUT, and Episode 3 hasContinue reading “News, reviews, and Small Town Blues”

Out NOW! Close To The Boneyard

Includes my yarn Killing Mr Cornflakes and MORE! ‘Close To The Boneyard: A Near To The Knuckle Anthology.  From the archives of the online fiction site, Near To The Knuckle. We have picked thirty tales that featured on the site. We have writers from across the globe. You won’t be disappointed with award winning authorsContinue reading “Out NOW! Close To The Boneyard”

Guest Blog: Brit Grit – Killing and Community by Darren Sant

In November Near to the Knuckle turned 4. We celebrated by throwing an online party the only way we know how – lots of great fiction! In fact we had 13 stories over spread over 2 days. It meant a lot of hard work for Craig who posted, formatted and edited the stories. For myself theContinue reading “Guest Blog: Brit Grit – Killing and Community by Darren Sant”

Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn

PDB:  What’s the SP on Urban Decay? Urban Decay is a book I’m very proud of. It’s a bunch of short stories, that are about more than just crime, it’s about people. It is largely a crime collection, but I hope people take more from it than that, at the heart of every story are charactersContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn”

Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings

The ROGUE anthology is reviewed by Anthony Watson at DARK MUSINGS. Here’s what he has to say about my yarn: ‘There’s politics too – though in a subtle, tangential way and even some humour – though of the darkest variety. The latter is most evident in Paul D Brazill’s Route 66 and All That whichContinue reading “Route 66 And All That is Reviewed at Dark Musings”

Out Now! Near To The Knuckle presents Rogue: The second anthology

Includes my yarn ‘Route 66 And All That.’ The blurb: ‘You find yourself on the wrong side of town. It’s late and your only option is to walk down a narrow pitch-black alley. Your heart is pounding. You’re sure that you can hear footsteps, but there’s no one in sight. The sound of soft feetContinue reading “Out Now! Near To The Knuckle presents Rogue: The second anthology”

Short, Sharp Interview: T. Maxim Simmler

PDB: What’s going on now? TMS: I’m giving a story for Near To The Knuckle’s ROGUE anthology a polish, and then I have three weeks to finish “Noon at Midnight”, a short crime novella supposed to be out in February. PDB: How did you research this book? TMS: “Noon at Midnight” is loosely based onContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: T. Maxim Simmler”

Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn

PDB: What’s going on now? Now? Now I’ve just signed a contract with GritFiction Ltd (Better known to most of you as Darren Sant and Craig Douglas the brains behind Near to the Knuckle) to publish my second short story collection, Urban Decay. And, I could not be happier about it! We’ve been discussing itContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Aidan Thorn”

A Man Of Sophisticated Tastes in 12 Mad Men

My yarn A MAN OF SOPHISTICATED TASTES kicks off this innovative anthology edited by Ryan Bracha. The phenomenally talented writers involved in this innovative and ambitious project are: Paul D Brazill (Guns of Brixton, A Case of Noir) Gerard Brennan (Fireproof, Wee Rockets) Les Edgerton (The Bitch, The Rapist) Craig Furchtenicht (Dimebag Bandits, Night SpeedContinue reading “A Man Of Sophisticated Tastes in 12 Mad Men”