Another Top Review for Last Year’s Man

Over at Goodreads, Dave Wilde says: ‘Last Year’s Man is British Noir the Queen herself would be proud of. The flavor, the atmosphere, the sense of it all feels like it came from that side of the Pond. It’s a fairly short novel like old pulps used to be. But, the writing is so tightlyContinue reading “Another Top Review for Last Year’s Man”

Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

Over at Goodreads, he says: ‘These are all good stories. “The Tut” begins with the unforgettable line: “After enduring forty-five years of a marriage that was at best, like wading through treacle, Oliver Robinson eventually had enough and smothered his wife with the beige corduroy cushion that he’d accidentally burned with a cigarette two fraughtContinue reading “Dave Wilde Reviews 13 Shots Of Noir”