Recommended Reads: Zandri, Milne, Stanley, Jaggers.

The Guilty – Vincent Zandri Jack Marconi is a former prison warden turned private eye. In The Guilty – the third book in a hugely successful series – Marconi is hired by a successful architect and asked to investigate the rich playboy who is accused of  attempting to murder his daughter. Vincent Zandri’s The GuiltyContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Zandri, Milne, Stanley, Jaggers.”

Guest Blog: Down in the Hole by David Jaggers

Musing on crafting a collection of interconnected short stories. It’s not a new concept. The short story cycle or composite novel has been around a long time. From Joyce’s Dubliners which links disparate characters to a central locale (Dublin), to The Unvanquished by Faulkner which illuminates one family from seven different angles. The idea ofContinue reading “Guest Blog: Down in the Hole by David Jaggers”

Short, Sharp Interview: David Jaggers

PDB: What’s going on now? I am excited to be releasing a collection of short stories called Down in the Devil Hole on December 19th through the boys over at Near to the Knuckle.   PDB: Which of your publications is the most successful? I have been fortunate to have been able to work withContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: David Jaggers”