Recommended Read: Frank Sidebottom-Out Of His Head by Mick Middles

The mind of Chris Sievey was clearly a treasure trove – indeed, a veritable Aladdin’s Cave – of bright and shiny ideas, many of which, thankfully, came to fruition. Most notably in the effervescent forms of The Freshies and Frank Sidebottom. The Freshies were a brilliantly eccentric power pop/ new wave band who cheekily surfedContinue reading “Recommended Read: Frank Sidebottom-Out Of His Head by Mick Middles”

Recommended Read: I Swear I Was There by David Nolan

David Nolan’s  I Swear I Was There – Sex Pistols, Manchester and the Gig that Changed the World is a hell of a yarn that ostensibly tells the story of the Sex Pistols’ impact on the Manchester music scene in the mid-1970s.  It focuses on three events – the Sex Pistols‘ first gig at Manchester’s LesserContinue reading “Recommended Read: I Swear I Was There by David Nolan”

Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan

PDB: What’s going on? I’m just recovering from the shock of my first novel being published. I still struggle saying the N Word… novel. It sounds so weird. Author is quite utilitarian but novelist still sounds suspect to me. This is the bit where I plug the book, right? It’s called Black Moss and it’sContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan”