Guest Blog: Life and the City by David Siddall

Liverpool: one of the world’s great cities, second city of the empire, and gateway to America. What is it about Liverpool that gets under the skin and into the blood? I am not a native. My home town lies twenty miles to the south. A quiet town and a semi-rural existence. So when I movedContinue reading “Guest Blog: Life and the City by David Siddall”

Recommended Reads

Galviston by Nic Pizzolatto Haunting and hard-hitting, Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston is a fantastic spin on the man-on-the run sub-genre of harboiled crime fiction. Prose as tight as a snare drum. Dashes of lyricism that never overpower the storytelling. Great, realistic characters and situations. Marvellous stuff. Just Like That by Les Edgerton Just Like That hasContinue reading “Recommended Reads”