Detectives Beyond Borders Gets The Cold London Blues

At his splendid blog, Peter Rozovsky say: ‘Back in December 2014, I praised Paul Brazill‘s Guns of Brixton for not pretending to be “anything but a comic romp, a kind of high-spirited musical without music, albeit one full of violence, the threat thereof, and all sorts of unpleasant bodily effluvia, whether the result of gunContinue reading “Detectives Beyond Borders Gets The Cold London Blues”

Detectives Beyond Borders reviews 13 Shots Of Noir

‘My latest epiphany has come with the opening stories of Paul D. Brazill‘s 13 Shots of Noir. The stories are all dark, of course, in the sense that their characters do terrible things,  but they are filled with humor, and one even has a happy ending of a kind.’ Read the rest HERE.