Recommended Reads: Zandri, Milne, Stanley, Jaggers.

The Guilty – Vincent Zandri Jack Marconi is a former prison warden turned private eye. In The Guilty – the third book in a hugely successful series – Marconi is hired by a successful architect and asked to investigate the rich playboy who is accused of  attempting to murder his daughter. Vincent Zandri’s The GuiltyContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Zandri, Milne, Stanley, Jaggers.”

Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe

Over at, ace crime writer Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe, and Other Brit Grit Yarns. Here’s what he says: ‘The Gumshoe And Other Brit Yarns are like a line of literary tequila slammers giving you a moment of a thrill, lined with a touch of salt (each one prompts a mouth-tingling buzz then makesContinue reading “Dominic Milne reviews The Gumshoe”

Guest Blog: Rogue Detective at Large by Dominic Milne

DS Eddie Kane is on the rampage in North London. He is reckless, dissolute, dangerous and out of control. His past is chaos, his present, complete and utter turmoil. He’s taking on serial killers, the north London mob, the Albanian mob, the Yardies, Nigerian body-parts-traders, the authorities, his colleagues – and plenty of his ownContinue reading “Guest Blog: Rogue Detective at Large by Dominic Milne”

Recommended Read: Act Of Contrition by Dominic Milne

When a bag of Class A drugs goes missing, bull-headed DI Eddie Kane is immediately under suspicion. However. this doesn’t stop him from investigation the murders of of two young women and ruffling the feathers of a particularly nasty London gangster. Dominic Milne’s Act Of Contrition is a blinder. The pacing is tight, the castContinue reading “Recommended Read: Act Of Contrition by Dominic Milne”

Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir

‘Luke Case is every bit the worthy protagonist of this archetypal piece of noir. His capacity for hard living is only just surpassed by his will to survive, in this fast-moving Euro-crime caper. Case doesn’t so much step on toes, as climb all over the clutches of the various gangsters he meets along the way,Continue reading “Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir”

Dominic Milne reviews Guns Of Brixton

Over at Amazon, top crime fiction writer DOMINIC MILNE reviews GUNS OF BRIXTON. Here’s what he says: ‘Pulp fiction at its hilarious, irreverent best… For all the numerous and largely excellent crime books I’ve read this year, I can’t remember any offering raising quite as many smiles as this one. In Guns Of Brixton, PaulContinue reading “Dominic Milne reviews Guns Of Brixton”

Short, Sharp Interview: Dominic Milne

PDB: What’s going on now? Right now is kind of mayhem. Just had the release of the Eddie Kane trilogy, so trying to push what feels like a million buttons at once. Fantastic stuff though – really exhilarating. ‘Act of Contrition’ is already beginning to turn some heads. This feels in some ways like theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Dominic Milne”