Recommended Read: Monday’s Meal by Les Edgerton

Who makes the best beer in the world? Maybe the Czechs or Belgians. But when it comes to short stories, well, the American’s pretty much rule the roost, they really do. Flannery O’ Connor, Raymond Carver, Dorothy Parker, Charles Bukowski, Richard Ford,  Kyle Minor. Loads and loads more. And you can add Les Edgerton to that list, of course.Continue reading “Recommended Read: Monday’s Meal by Les Edgerton”

Recommended Read: Slaughterhouse Blues by Nick Kolakowski

Fiona and Bill – the stars of Kolakowski’s cracking debut A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps – are  lovers on the lam  from New York gangsters The Rockaway Mob. Bill is hiding out in Havana and Fiona is taking a job in Nicuragura when they are tracked down. Mayhem and violence quickly ensue. Like A Brutal BunchContinue reading “Recommended Read: Slaughterhouse Blues by Nick Kolakowski”

Recommended Read: May by Marietta Miles

Marietta Miles’ May takes place on Folly Island in the 1980s and in Shreveport, Louisiana  during the 1970s.  There’s a storm coming  to Folly Island and May Cosby is just hoping to survive it, and any other disaster that might befall her. In the course of this tense and claustrophobic book we find out a lot aboutContinue reading “Recommended Read: May by Marietta Miles”

Short, Sharp Interview: Lawrence Kelter

PDB: What’s going on? Hi, Paul, I’ve written Back To Brooklyn, the literary sequel to My Cousin Vinny, one of the most beloved film comedies of all time. Bringing Vincent LaGuardia Gambini and Mona Lisa Vito back to life was the most fun I’ve ever had sitting in front of a keyboard. I have highContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Lawrence Kelter”

Out Now! Just Like That by Les Edgerton

New from Down & Out Books Purchase links … Buy from the Down & Out Bookstore or from the following retailers … Print: Amazon — Barnes & Noble eBook: Kindle — Nook — iTunes — Kobo Synopsis … Jake and his pal Bud’s journey begins six months after he is released on parole and is occasioned when his girlfriend Donna dumps him and aborts their child. After a suicide attempt whereContinue reading “Out Now! Just Like That by Les Edgerton”

Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Pitts

PDB: What’s going on? Other than signs of the apocalypse flaring up in the headlines every day? I’m out there hitting the circuit, promoting my new novel American Static. PDB: Do you listen to music when you work? Fuck no! I can’t do it. I think perhaps I could when I was younger, but theseContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Tom Pitts”

Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton

PDB: Can you pitch YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK in 25 words or less? Raised in an orphanage, trained as assassins by a surrogate father who first offers chocolate and later the bullets that could kill them. (Brotherhood of the Rose by David Morrell) PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you hadContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Matt Hilton”

Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson

PDB: Can you pitch your latest book in 25 words? BJ:  Nope.  Not enough space.  If I had more space, maybe.  But even then, maybe not.  Hate.  The book is about hate.  How we can use it better. PDB: Which music, book, films or television do you wish you had written? BJ:  Oh man, thereContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Beau Johnson”

Exiles Guest Blog: What Friends Are For by Rob Brunet

Like a lot of my stories, “What Friends Are For” is set in the country. Dirt roads and the life along them have always been a fascination of mine. One I owe to my father who grew up in rural Ontario and whose childhood home stands—to this day, I believe—on a dirt road. The story’sContinue reading “Exiles Guest Blog: What Friends Are For by Rob Brunet”