Updates! A new interview, a few reviews and a Portrait …

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Bits and bobs have been going recently, so I’ll give you a brief update, if you’re that way inclined …

I have an interview with Tony Eames up at NFReads

‘What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)?

I draw a lot from real-life: actual incidents, people, names. My most recent publication, Gumshoe Blues, is about a private eye called Peter Ord. He’s named after one of my friends from my hometown of Hartlepool, and a lot of the scrapes he’s involved in are based on things that have happened to me or my friends – or friends of friends. Usually the most absurd things, as I’ve no interest in reading about the mundane and can’t imagine that anyone else does either.’

You can read the rest here.

GUMSHOE BLUES has been picking up some more than decent reviews …


‘Gumshoe Blues is a clever, humorous piece of work and in Peter Ord you have an endearing if perpetually hapless central figure who you can’t help finding yourself rooting for.’

Over at Amazon.co.uk, DANNY FARNHAM said:

The author never lets the book get too dark, as it is peppered with razor sharp wit and one-liners that had me giggling like a schoolgirl. I’ll definitely read more by this author..’

And Dr J said:

‘I recently had the chance to read Gumshoe Blues by Paul Brazill. It was a lyrical and engaging example of detective fiction.’

PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A  CONSUMER was a regular feature in the New Musical Express back in the ’70s and‘80s where musicians listed favourite books, films etc. I always enjoyed it, so I thought I’d rip off the idea and revive it for PUNK NOIR MAGAZINE.

I recently did one myself.

You can read it here.

gumshoe blues

I’m Interviewed at Dr J Reads.

BRIT GRIT, Close To the Bone, Dr J, Gumshoe Blues, Interviews, Paul D Brazill, Peter Ord
‘I recently had the chance to read Gumshoe Blues by Paul Brazill. It was a lyrical and engaging example of detective fiction. Here is an interview with the author:

1.     Please tell us about your work.

My books include Last Year’s Man, Guns Of Brixton, Too Many Crooks, A Case Of Noir, and Kill Me Quick. I like to think of them as black comedies, though not everyone shares my sense of humour, I’m sure! Someone described me as a Brit Grit P.G. Wodehouse, which is far too flattering but a great compliment.’

Read the rest here

Gumshoe Blues