Supernatural Noir A Go Go!

Well, Supernatural Noir was published a couple of days ago on Halloween and it’s all happening! Graham Wynd kicks off #Noirvember with a look at Supernatural Noir and says: ‘I didn’t even know how much I missed Roman Dalton, his werewolf detective, until I started reading through the stories again. Netflix ought to swoop in and…

Pre-order Supernatural Noir for 99c/ 99p!

Werewolves, vampires and other creatures of the night prowl the neon and blood soaked streets in this sharp short story collection that places the supernatural in a hardboiled noir world. “If you like noir then you’ll love this. If you like supernatural fiction you’ll love this. If you like great descriptive prose you’ll love this.” –…

Ethan Hobart Reviews Drunk On The Moon

Over at at, Ethan Hobart reviews my short story Drunk On the Moon, which has also been tranlated into Slovenian by Renato Bratkovic, if you fancy it. He says it’s a ‘Briskly paced, darkly comic horror/P. I. mashup.’  

Roman Dalton Gets A Couple Of Top Reviews

Over at uk, Chloë Yates reviews DRUNK ON THE MOON: A ROMAN DALTON ANTHOLOGY and says: ‘Cracking stuff. You won’t be sorry, but you will be throughly entertained.’ And Tom Leins takes a gander at THE NEON BONEYARD: A ROMAN DALTON YARN and says: ‘The Neon Boneyard is a snarling supernatural crime yarn from Brit-grit power…

Pat McDonald Reviews Drunk On The Moon: A Roman Dalton Anthology

Over at, she says: This is Paul D Brazill at his best; the humour is just tongue in cheek but the descriptive prose is perfection. It is so atmospheric it appeals to all the senses; I swear that there was one moment when I could even smell the cigarette smoke curling into the air…

Roman Dalton Howls In Polish

The first Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI yarn, Drunk On The Moon, has been translated into Polish by Aneta Uszyńska. Check out  NA KSIĘŻYCOWEJ BANI – PAUL D. BRAZILL (PRZEŁ. ANETA USZYŃSKA ) over at POLSKI NOIR. And you can still get any number of Roman Dalton yarns over at Amazon, in English and even in…

Drunk On The Moon at You Tube

The Word Crimes podcasts are now up at You Tube, including my yarn Drunk On The Moon. Check it out  here and check out all the others.  

From The Mind Of Renato Bratkovič

Alibi mastermind Renato Bratkovič, gives you a selection of dark fiction in Slovene and English, including my first Roman Dalton Yarn, Drunk On The Moon. Check em out!

Drunk On The Moon at The Word Crimes Podcast

‘On this episode, Scott Detrow gets his werewolf voice on as he reads “Drunk on the Moon” by Paul D. Brazill.’ Thanks to Scott Detrow and Erik Arneson for this great interpretation of the first Roman Dalton Yarn: DRUNK ON THE MOON 

Out Now: Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon

Roman Dalton is an average booze-guzzling PI. But only until the moon is full … Then he’s everything but average. And now he speaks Slovene! Od Lune pijan / Drunk On The Moon  Paul D. Brazill (Author), Renato Bratkovič (Translator) My original Roman Dalton – Werewolf PI yarn has now been translated by Slovenian noir…

The Cocktail Genre

James H Duncan over at the Writer’s Digest talks about The Cocktail Genre and gives a hat tip to the Drunk On The Moon Anthologies, K. A. Laity, Richard Godwin, Lee Goldberg, B.r. Stateham and more.


If you pop over to the CRIME CITY CENTRAL  podcast, you can catch a short excerpt from my forthcoming novella GUNS OF BRIXTON. There are plenty of tasty stories in the archives too, including my werewolf/ PI story DRUNK ON THE MOON. And I interviewed Cher Eaves from CRIME CITY CENTRAL  here.

The Sounds Of Duffy’s Bar

The Wurlitzer jukebox at Duffy’s Bar is featured in most of the Roman Dalton P I stories. And, over at You Tube, I’ve created a playlist featuring  a lot of the songs you can hear on that jukebox. The jukebox at Duffy’s Bar has tunes from Anne Pigalle, Tom Waits, Joe Tex, Martin G Stephenson,Maria…