Recommedned Read: Mr Glamour by Richard Godwin

‘Paul De Longe put the phone down and opened a bottle of Morey-Blanc. It was cold and smooth and biscuity.Below him the skyline of London stretched out like an inviting mistress.’ London kills you. Kills the best of us. And the worst. And in Richard Godwin‘s second novel, the brilliantly vivid  giallo, Mr Glamour, the streets ofContinue reading “Recommedned Read: Mr Glamour by Richard Godwin”

Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Leverone

PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication/ project in 25 words or less? Absolutely: In my new novel, PASKAGANKEE, three wildly different people must come together in a desperate attempt to stop a brutal killing spree in their tiny town (Sorry, that’s twenty-six; I’m a cheating bastard). PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floatedContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Allan Leverone”


Horror/crime writer Richard Godwin, author of the magnificent “Apostle Rising” and “Mr Glamour“, brings you six spicy and horrifying tales to make you sweat and squirm. The Mustard Man cometh. A hot killer with a penchant for all things that make your eyes water.The Mustard Man first threatened the public in the irreverent PULP METALContinue reading “OUT NOW !!! PIQUANT BY RICHARD GODWIN”

Watch You Drown by Chris Rhatigan.

If ever there was an American equivalent of the Brit Grit writings of, say, Nigel Bird or Luca Veste, then it must be the stories in this fantastic début collection. With Watch You Drown, Chris Rhatigan  mixes up micro fiction, flash fiction and short stories that show us slices of life that are far from cosy and that pullContinue reading “Watch You Drown by Chris Rhatigan.”

Trestle Press/ Brit Grit/ Drunk On the Moon – UPDATE!

UPDATE: I sent this letter to Trestle Press yesterday. ‘I would like to request that the following Ebooks that I have authored – and have been published by Trestle Press- be removed from sale:   Drunk On the Moon        Brit Grit       I would also like to request that the storyContinue reading “Trestle Press/ Brit Grit/ Drunk On the Moon – UPDATE!”

Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity

PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication IT’S A CURSE in 25 words or less? I take your werewolf detective through the wringer, give him happiness, a chance for redemption, then grind him into the dirt. Just like real life. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? The extremely weirdContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity”

Guest Blogger: K A Laity – In The Mind Of The Wolf

When Mr B asked me if I wanted to contribute to the Drunk on the Moon series, I knew I had to get into the head of the werewolf. How could I write from Roman Dalton’s perspective if I had not lived in his world? I had to know him from the inside out. I immediately setContinue reading “Guest Blogger: K A Laity – In The Mind Of The Wolf”


Hard drinking investigative journalist Alfie Lime wakes up in his Paris apartment soaked in the blood of the prostitute whose corpse lays next to him. Whose heart has been ripped from her body.Who heart has been placed on a black cloth, on the sideboard, with a nail hammered through it.  So Alfie Lime- a ‘manContinue reading “AND THE STREET SCREAMED BLUE MURDER BY JASON MICHEL”

Drunk On The Moon – Reviews!

  “A great, rollicking fun read, full to the brim of Paul’s usual gritty noir, northern humour and fiendish horror.” – Matt Hilton, Dead Men’s Dust, Judgment & Wrath & more.   “A crackling fun read that puts werewolves in a Sin City/hardboiled world” –Dave Zeltserman, Killer, Blood Crimes, Pariah, Outsourced & more…   ” Yowza. IContinue reading “Drunk On The Moon – Reviews!”

Guest Blogger: Richard Godwin – ‘Apostle Rising’

Guest Blog: ‘Apostle Rising’    by    Richard    Godwin    ‘Will you walk into my parlour?’, said the spider to the fly. Here’s a story for you. A psychopath is playing games with the police. This guy knows a lot about an old case, a case that saw the biggest manhunt in England. And he’s smarter thanContinue reading “Guest Blogger: Richard Godwin – ‘Apostle Rising’”