Recommended Read: Down To No Good by Earl Javorsky

In Earl Javorsky‘s first Charlie Miner novel – Down Solo– the private eye discovered that he’d been killed but – for reasons unknown to him –  had come back to life. In Down To No Good, Charlie attempts to come to terms with this situation, as well as deal with the various other problems inContinue reading “Recommended Read: Down To No Good by Earl Javorsky”

Recommended Read: Down Solo by Earl Javorsky

Charlie Miner is a private eye with even more problems than most. Not only is he a divorced, drug addicted, amnesiac, he’s also dead. with no idea of who killed him, or why. As he traipses around Los Angeles, complete with a bullet hole in his head, Charlie’s memory slowly comes back and he startsContinue reading “Recommended Read: Down Solo by Earl Javorsky”