Forgotten Music: Judy Nylon – Snatch

Forgotten Music: Judy Nylon – Snatch 
There’s been a lot of booze under the bridge since then but I do remember going to Newcastle buying ALL I Want by SNATCH after hearing it on the John Peel show in 1978. And I loved it’s glamorous  looking  embossed gold cover.

A little later I heard Kings Lead Hat/R.A.F by Eno & SNATCH , which I thought was well barmy!
They both stand up pretty well, I think, and R.A.F. certainly seems well ahead of it’s time!


Okay, I’m  being lazy here but I’ll just quote a SNATCH (SEE WHAT I DID THEN?!)  of what Wikipedia say about the legendary Judy Nylon:
‘Judy Nylon is an American artist who moved to London in 1970. She was half of the punk act called Snatch, which also featured Patti PalladinNylon is responsible for inspiring the Brian Eno version of ambient music according to Brian Eno‘s liner notes (the back cover of his Discreet Music contains his version of how this happened).
… Also, for sound montage/cut-up techniques innovation (hers), see the Brian Eno track R.A.F.“, the B-side of Kings Lead Hat, which is by Eno and Snatch, and released on Polydor Records.’
Here is Judy Nylon’s My Space page
Have a listen!

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This Impossible Night by Peter Ord

I’ve known Peter Ord for THIRTY years ! He is a songwriter and artist living in Hartlepool, UK. A self-taught musician (guitar, bass and keyboards),he has been writing music since his early teens.
In the 80’s he performed with post – punk bands in the Middlesbrough area, including Halcyon Days, Oceans 11(along with Richard Sanderson, Ronny Burke & me)  and Hold, amongst others.
Since then, he has concentrated on songwriting, film -making and painting. He records his music in his bedroom and refuses to play live. He is NOT a Private Detective- or is eh?
His alter ego Hedge45 is a big hit with the NOOB TOOB ARMY!
Peter Ord’s MY SPACE page is HERE
This is is the noir tinged  This Impossible Night.