Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill

British private detective Joe Geraghty is holed up in Amsterdam, laying low from the trials and tribulations of his life in Hull. After missing a phone call from his former business partner Don Ridley, he later finds out that Don is dead. Geraghty returns to Hull for Don’s funeral and is soon embroiled in anContinue reading “Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill”

Recommended Read: Rubicon by Ian Patrick

  Wild card Sam Batford  is an undercover cop who has infiltrated crime kingpin Vincent Guardino’s organisation. DCI Klara Winter  is also hell-bent on bringing down Guardino but in a much more by-the-book way. The two investigations inevitably collide and clash in Ian Patrick‘s marvellously gripping debut novel Rubicon. Cracking stuff!

Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill

Nick Quantrill’s Broken Dreams is a cracking book. It’s the story of a Private Investigator following a muddy and bloodstained trail through a battle scarred Northern city. PI Joe Geraghty- like his hometown Hull-  has both taken many a good kicking and is trying to get back on his feet. Broken Dreams is realistic and romantic –Continue reading “Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill”

Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan

PDB: What’s going on? I’m just recovering from the shock of my first novel being published. I still struggle saying the N Word… novel. It sounds so weird. Author is quite utilitarian but novelist still sounds suspect to me. This is the bit where I plug the book, right? It’s called Black Moss and it’sContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: David Nolan”

Recommended Read: Dread: The Art Of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden

Dickens obsessive Mr. Madden is a spy whose mission is to infiltrate the right wing group England Awake! He is also a serial killer known as The Chavkiller who is out to revenge his dead wife. Dread: The Art Of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden is violent, gripping, clever, touching and very, very funny. TheContinue reading “Recommended Read: Dread: The Art Of Serial Killing by Mark Ramsden”

Recommended Read: A Mint Condition Corpse by Duncan MacMaster

Comic book artist, part-time sleuth and multi-millionare Kirby Baxter arrives at a Canadian comic book convention intending to catch up with old friends but he is very quickly caught up in a murder investigation. Duncan MacMaster’s A Mint Condition Corpse is a joy. Fast-moving, funny and choc-full of great characters, observations and dialogue. Highly recommended.

Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!

My seaside noir KILL ME QUICK has been rebooted and suited by the folks at Fahrenheit 13 and Farhrenheit Press, and you can pick it up at a discount price if you buy it direct from the publishers. The eBook is less than a quid and the paperback is less than a fiver! Can’t fall off!Continue reading “Kill Me Quick is BACK TO LIFE!”

I’m Interviewed by Mark Ramsden

Ace transgressive fiction  writer Mark Ramsden has some nice things to say about my writing and then we have a little natter: ‘In the mid 20th century there were light-hearted crime novels about decent chaps with a taste for adventure. The Saint. The Toff. Perhaps, like Paul Temple, they had a cockney manservant and livedContinue reading “I’m Interviewed by Mark Ramsden”

Recommended Read: When The Music’s Over by Aidan Thorn

Revenge is bittersweet for failed musician Benny Gower. Gower murders Birmingham drug-dealer Harry Weir and goes on the run. Retired enforcer Wynn McDonald is reluctantly sent to track down Gower. What ensues is a lethal cocktail of hardboiled crime fiction as well as a touching study of regret and disappointment. The action is brutal, theContinue reading “Recommended Read: When The Music’s Over by Aidan Thorn”

Recommended Read: A Citizen Of Nowhere by Seth Lynch

Seth Lynch’s cracking debut novel has recently been republished by Farhenheit Press  and  has been given a new title, as well as a tasty new cover. A CITIZEN OF NOWHERE is part historical detective story and part character study reminiscent of Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge, It is richly cinematic and completely enthralling, with a greatContinue reading “Recommended Read: A Citizen Of Nowhere by Seth Lynch”

Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods

Bill Derringer is an Iraq war veteran who is having trouble making ends meet. When he and his wife Edie take their two kids to visit Edie’s Aunt Ida, she turns out to be a lot more than Bill had bargained for and things soon spiral wildly out of control. Jonathan Woods’ ‘Kiss The DevilContinue reading “Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods”