Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods

Bill Derringer is an Iraq war veteran who is having trouble making ends meet. When he and his wife Edie take their two kids to visit Edie’s Aunt Ida, she turns out to be a lot more than Bill had bargained for and things soon spiral wildly out of control. Jonathan Woods’ ‘Kiss The DevilContinue reading “Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods”

Recommended Read: Drawing Dead by JJ De Ceglie

Jack Andrelli is a private eye but he is far from being a knight in tarnished, let alone shining, armour. Andrelli is a booze-sodden, big-mouthed, gambling addict with a death wish, who is haunted by the suicide of his teenage girlfriend and in hock to a gangster, whose goons would be all to happy toContinue reading “Recommended Read: Drawing Dead by JJ De Ceglie”