Wrong Way by Scarlet

Scarlet – Wrong Way [Official Music Video] Video Made by Osomly in Letnica / Zielona Gora – Poland Director / Script / Screen Writer – Frank Duffy Production manager / Costumes / Makeup – Aga Ejsmont Photography and editing – Michał Koźba Starring – Aga Ejsmont / Oliwia Chilińska Storyboarding – Krystian Seredyński Marionette made by – Artur Endler

Short, Sharp Interview: Frank Duffy

PDB: What’s going on now? I’m just finishing up the final edits on a novel for a literary and film agency, and I’m halfway through a fourth short story collection, Leaving The Room. PDB: How did you research your latest book? Hungry Celluloid is a collection of short stories, and apart from a bit ofContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Frank Duffy”

Music & Writing : Frank Duffy’s Music Of The Night.

Over at THE HORRIFICALLY HORRIFYING HORROR BLOG, no less than FRANK DUFFY has assembled together a group of writers to talk about music and how it influences their writing. I’m over there along with Simon Kurt Unsworth, Ian Ayris, Stephen Bacon, Lisa Tuttle, Sam Millar, Mike Evers, Christopher Fowler, Dennis Etchison, Howard Lynskey, K AContinue reading “Music & Writing : Frank Duffy’s Music Of The Night.”

True Brit Grit

True Brit Grit is out now! “The BRIT GRIT mob is coming to kick down your door with hobnailed boots. Kitchen-sink noir; petty-thief-louts; lives of quiet desperation; sharp, blood-stained slices of life; booze-sodden brawls from the bottom of the barrel and comedy that’s as black as it’s bitter—this is BRIT GRIT!” 45 British writers, 45Continue reading “True Brit Grit”

Laughing At The Death Grin! Out Now FROM Pulp Metal Fiction

  Laughing At The Death Grin! A short fiction anthology from PULP METAL MAGAZINE. Edited by JASON MICHEL with stories from   U V RAY, RICHARD GODWIN   B R STATEHAM   HEATH LOWRENCE    IAN AYRIS,   CHRIS RHATIGAN   FRANK DUFFY JODI MCARTHUR   & MORE including ME!   Get it HERE!  Continue reading “Laughing At The Death Grin! Out Now FROM Pulp Metal Fiction”