Recommended Read: Czech M8 by Frank Westworth

JJ Stoner is a guitar-playing, Harley Davidson-riding contract killer who works for the shadier side of the British secret service. When his boss asks him to head off to Russia on a mission, and a friend asks him to kill an African despot, Stoner’s world gets even murkier than usual.

Frank Westworth’s Czech M8 is a whip crack of a read. This vivid and violent short story is marvellously well- written. It’s choc-full of fast-action, dry humour, sharp twists and turns and well-drawn characters.

Cracking stuff!

Czech M8

Short, Sharp Interview: Frank Westworth

fifth-columnistSHORT, SHARP INTERVIEW: Frank Westworth, talking about his new quick thriller, Fifth Columnist

PDB: Can you pitch FIFTH COLUMNIST in 25 words or less?

FW:   Good guy, bad cop, mistaken identities; good hooker, wannabee pimp, car chase with just the one car; sudden death and crawling from the wreckage.

PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written?

FW: Music: Born Under A Bad Sign. Film: Prometheus. TV show? That’s a hard one. Probably True Detective the first season, but brilliance is so unapproachable.

PDB: Which of your books do you think would make great films or TV series?

FW: FIRST CONTRACT would make an unusual film … and an even more unusual TV series. Shows a soldier doing what soldiers are paid to do, suffering the consequences, being fired and recruited on the same day, then doing more of the same illegally and getting paid by the government to do it.

PDB: Who are your favourite writers?

FW: James Crumley, James Church, James Lee Burke, Karin Fossum, Fred Vargas, Juli Zeh, Arnaldur Indriðason, RJ Ellory. In no order at all.

PDB: What’s on the cards?

FW: Two short stories set in the JJ Stoner sequence are wading through production hell; FIFTH COLUMNIST arrives imminently and SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP is being polished for an anthology. Final novel in the Killing Sister trilogy – THE REDEMPTION OF CHARM – is out in the Spring 2017 and the fourth in the trilogy is on its way through the writing process. I know, I know…

PDB: Anything else?

FW: Noir is never enough.

Bio: Frank Westworth shares several characteristics with his literary anti-hero, JJ Stoner: they both play mean blues guitar and ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Unlike Stoner, Frank hasn’t deliberately killed anyone. Frank lives in Cornwall in the UK, with his guitars, motorcycles, partner and cat.






Frank’s new quick thriller, FIFTH COLUMNIST, is published on 14 September 2016. It features covert operative JJ Stoner, who uses sharp blades and blunt instruments to discreetly solve problems for the UK government. A bent copper is compromising national security and needs to be swiftly neutralised, but none of the evidence will stand up in court. That’s exactly why men like Stoner operate in the shadows, ready to terminate the target once an identity is confirmed…

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Sneak preview:

‘And there I was, thinking you were just a hired gun.’ She smiled. He did not.

‘You want a gun, ma’am, I’ll bring one. I need to know the situation before selecting the weapon.’ He cracked the smallest of smiles. ‘An RPG is hard to hide in a tux, ma’am. No matter how pleased I may be to see you.’

Recommended Read: Third Person: A JJ Stoner short story by Frank Westworth

third personFrank Westworth’s JJ Stoner is an ex-soldier, a hit man, a blues musician, a biker.

In THIRD PERSON, Stoner’s friend Bernadette realizes she is being tailed through the rainy Irish streets and decides to take action.

THIRD PERSON, is a very enjoyable, funny and violent hard-boiled thriller, full of twists and turns. that works well as an introduction to Westworth’s ‘Killing Sisters‘ novels.