Guest Blog: Recording Earcom 2 for Fast Records, 1979 by Alan Savage

Recording ‘Kirlian Photography’ and ‘Celluloid Love’ with Bob Last, Cargo Studios, Rochdale, May 1979 (I think it was that month). ..and the formation of the ‘classic’ Basczax line up. Bob Last (Fast Records label owner and manager) first took an interest in Basczax (then called Basssax) before me and Jeff Fogarty joined in late ’78. HeContinue reading “Guest Blog: Recording Earcom 2 for Fast Records, 1979 by Alan Savage”

Days Of Futuramas Past

Here comes the sun, which means the rock festival season is already upon us. Young and old alike are turning up at football stadiums or muddy fields for the likes of Coldplay, The Stone Roses and, er, probably loads of people I’ve never heard of. And all in the name of ‘fun’. Apparently. Not me, though.Continue reading “Days Of Futuramas Past”

NoirSongs: Joy Division – Shadowplay

Both of my Noir Songs so far have been connected to the 1979 Futurama festival in Leeds- where I saw Joy Division before they went synthypop. Very noir city,Leeds.  This is very cinematic and dramatic, eh? To the centre of the city where all roads meet – waiting for you To the depths of theContinue reading “NoirSongs: Joy Division – Shadowplay”

Interview: Richard Sanderson -Banned From The Big Breakfast!

Q1 : Tell me about your first and your most recent bands?   My first band was called “Solaris”, it was me, my cousin Mark Sanderson and his friend Mark Spybey – we were aged about 13.    Unlike the rather swish rock groups 12 and 13 year olds play in now, no doubt schooledContinue reading “Interview: Richard Sanderson -Banned From The Big Breakfast!”

The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson

In his introduction to his  Postpunksampler 2, the legendary Julian Cope says tells this story: ‘In 1979, a smart, cool-looking guy called Richard Sanderson came backstage after a (Teardrop Explodes) Middlesborough show and gave me a bedroom recording of his quartet Drop. In his manner, style and quiet confidence, Richard was the Peter Hammill ofContinue reading “The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson”