Short, Sharp Interview: Gary M. Dobbs

PDB: What’s going on?   I’m pretty much working flat out – the day job, writing and now trying to push my wartime crime thriller, Down Among The Dead. There are some brilliant authors out there with wonderful books and each writer has to compete, try to shout louder to get their work noticed inContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Gary M. Dobbs”

A Tissue Of Webs at Pulp Metal Magazine

A few years a go I wrote a slice of flash fiction with ‘a western theme’ for Gary Dobbs’ The Tainted Archive blog. Well, I rediscovered it again recently and thought it was a lot of fun. So, Jason Michel has kindly put it up at my second-home, Pulp Metal Magazine. Check out A TissueContinue reading “A Tissue Of Webs at Pulp Metal Magazine”

Top Tips: Recommended Reads

So, what have I been reading of late? Well, I’ll tell you… Wolf Tickets by Ray Banks Things aren’t exactly tickety-boo for the aging hard man Cobb. He’s feeling his age, living in a dump of a flat, reduced to drinking gut-rot whiskey and shoplifting from charity shops. Then he gets a phone call fromContinue reading “Top Tips: Recommended Reads”