Recommended Read: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household


When I was a kid I pretty much only read American comics. And I almost never read the books that teachers told us to read.  And the few ‘school’ books that I did read were usually like wading through molasses. Except this. Which I loved.

Rogue Male was written and is set in 1938. Our hero is a posh bloke who  fails to assassinate an unnamed European dictator who is obviously  Adolf Hitler – yes, that old chestnut. He is caught, tortured and then escapes but he is hunted across Europe by the mad, bad Nazis.

I read Rogue Male a few years ago after a break of about thirty years and still enjoyed it. It’s a bit stiff in the upper lip department, like Buchan’s The 39 Steps,  but is still a cracking, fast paced read.