New Year Noir: Gumshoe Blues

Gumshoe Blues In the beginning was the sound, the light came later. The sound was a horrifying wail that skewered its way deep into my unconscious brain, until I awoke swiftly, sharply , drowning in sweat, my heart smashing through my ribcage; my head about to burst. Some twat, somewhere, was playing a U2 song,Continue reading “New Year Noir: Gumshoe Blues”


  Here’s a clip from GUNS OF BRIXTON, which kicks off on New Year’s Day – as does COLD LONDON BLUES: ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’ said Richard Sanderson. He was soaked in crimson and a sharp, knife-edged pain sliced through the back of his neck. He twisted himself upright, looking around for a horse’s head.Continue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”