I’m in the Hartlepool Mail

I was very pleased to find out that my home town’s newspaper, The Hartlepool Mail, had a feature on me this week. The main focus is A Case Of Noir, of course, but there was also some stuff about my family etc. Thanks to journalist  Tracy Walker for the article and to my brother BrianContinue reading “I’m in the Hartlepool Mail”

Recommended Films: Wild Bill, Sightseers, The Angels’ Share, Harrigan, Redemption.

I take a quick gander at a few Brit Grit films that I’ve seen of late. Wild Bill Former tough guy Bill returns home to his dreary  flat in a London tower block, after 11 years in the nick, only to find out that his wife has done a runner to Spain, leaving their twoContinue reading “Recommended Films: Wild Bill, Sightseers, The Angels’ Share, Harrigan, Redemption.”


Hartlepool Headland is haunted. Everyone knows that. My brother Brian even discussed the matter on television after experiencing a haunting in…a pub. Ahem. The pub in question is The Cosmopolitan Hotel and it is now part of a Ghost Tour. The tour’s official website talks about the tunnel beneath the pub: ‘The Tunnel area has nowContinue reading “My Town Monday -Hartlepool – THE HAUNTED ANCIENT HEADLAND”