A (Halloween) Story For Sunday: The Endless Sleep by Paul D. Brazill

ONE Anita watches the dowdy girl shuffle through the group of smartly dressed young men, carrying a big green bag and dragging her club foot behind her. The girl struggles onto the bar stool, making sure that her lank, brown hair hangs down to cover her scars. She vainly tries  to attract the attention ofContinue reading “A (Halloween) Story For Sunday: The Endless Sleep by Paul D. Brazill”


Can you imagine getting drunk with Jim Thompson, O Henry and Roald Dahl? Can you imagine the rush, the laughs and the chills? Well, yes or no, sit yourself down, hell, lie down if you want to, and knock back a couple of shots of the dark stuff, the strong stuff, courtesy of Mr DaveContinue reading “Recommended Read: 21 TALES BY DAVE ZELTSERMAN”

Short, Sharp Interview: Frank Duffy

PDB: What’s going on now? I’m just finishing up the final edits on a novel for a literary and film agency, and I’m halfway through a fourth short story collection, Leaving The Room. PDB: How did you research your latest book? Hungry Celluloid is a collection of short stories, and apart from a bit ofContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Frank Duffy”

Recommended Read: Satan’s Sorority by Graham Wynd

In 1950’s America, Sandra’s parents send her off to a small town university in order to keep her out of trouble. While there she encounters Trixie Faust and the rest of the Sigma Tau Nu sorority. Blood, sex and satanism quickly ensure.In spades! Satan’s Sorority by Graham Wynd is a smart, witty and marvelously well writtenContinue reading “Recommended Read: Satan’s Sorority by Graham Wynd”

Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Wynd

PDB: What’s going on now? Satan’s Sorority is out NOW from Number 13 Press! I just came back from Bouchercon where I gave out loads of ‘I’m pledging Sigma Tau Nu’ badges, plus I got to read from my story ‘Life Just Bounces’ at the big Murder Under the Oaks reading and then signed moreContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Wynd”

A Story For Sunday: What’s In The Cellar ? by Jeanette Cheezum

A few years ago, over at the late, lamented THRILLERS, KILLERS N CHILLERS, Jeanette Cheezum gave us this chiller: ‘1940: Deep in the woods of Georgia. If it rained or snowed no one would come down to check on Lucy. She wore diapers, sometimes only one a day until she turned four. The weight ofContinue reading “A Story For Sunday: What’s In The Cellar ? by Jeanette Cheezum”