Paul asked me to do this a few months ago, and I spent a great deal of time prevaricating about what to write about. Seeing that I spend much of my time writing – mainly on East Asian horror cinema – you would have thought that it wouldn’t have been a difficult proposition. So monthsContinue reading “GUEST BLOG: DR. COLETTE BALMAIN – FIVE EAST ASIAN HORROR FILMS”

Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Billson

Anne Billson is a John Carpenter and Charles Willeford fan, which can’t be bad. She was born in Southport, lived briefly in Japan and now lives in Paris.  She has worked as a secretary, cinema cashier and photographer. She writes on film for the Guardian and the Telegraph  and is the author of three crackingly wry British horrorContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Billson”

Short Sharp Interview: Anne Frasier

  Anne Frasier is an award-winning author of nineteen novels. She was a contributor to the 2009 Once Upon a Crime anthology published by Nodin Press, and is currently editing Bats In The Belfy-a short-story anthology of Halloween tales. She is working on a memoir to be submitted to major publishers in 2010. Her websiteContinue reading “Short Sharp Interview: Anne Frasier”