Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill

British private detective Joe Geraghty is holed up in Amsterdam, laying low from the trials and tribulations of his life in Hull. After missing a phone call from his former business partner Don Ridley, he later finds out that Don is dead. Geraghty returns to Hull for Don’s funeral and is soon embroiled in anContinue reading “Recommended Read: Sound Of The Sinners by Nick Quantrill”

Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill

Nick Quantrill’s Broken Dreams is a cracking book. It’s the story of a Private Investigator following a muddy and bloodstained trail through a battle scarred Northern city. PI Joe Geraghty- like his hometown Hull-  has both taken many a good kicking and is trying to get back on his feet. Broken Dreams is realistic and romantic –Continue reading “Recommended Read: Broken Dreams by Nick Quantrill”

Short, Sharp Interview: Nick Triplow

PDB: What’s going on? On the eve of the Hull launch of GETTING CARTER: Ted Lewis and the Birth of Brit Noir, my book about the life and work of the author best known for his novel Jack’s Return Home, adapted as Get Carter in 1971. And… About to kick off the main weekend ofContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Nick Triplow”

Recommended Read: The Dead Can’t Talk by Nick Quantrill

Power, corruption and lies would be a suitable sub-heading for Nick Quantrill’s hard-hitting crime novels. In The Dead Can’t Talk, as in his cracking Joe Geraghty trilogy, Quantrill tells the story of a criminal investigation which digs below the city of Hull’s surface to reveal a dirty underbelly. The Dead Can’t Talk introduces us toContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Dead Can’t Talk by Nick Quantrill”


PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication, “Bang Bang You’re Dead”, in 25 words or less? NQ: It’s about the decisions a young man makes when he’s released from prison. Some are easier made when you have a gun in your pocket… PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? NQ:Continue reading “SHORT, SHARP INTERVIEW: NICK QUANTRILL”

Nick Quantrill – Broken Dreams. The North Will Rise Again.

This is a cracking book. It’s the story of a man- Joe Geraghty- and a city – Hull- that have taken many a good kicking and are trying to get back on their feet. Realistic and romantic – in a Strummer way – it takes you by the lapels and drags you along from theContinue reading “Nick Quantrill – Broken Dreams. The North Will Rise Again.”