Recommended Film: The Land

The Land (2021) is either an anthology of short, sharp films or a collection of bitter vignettes, or maybe even both! Four directors and writers have put together a veritable cornucopia of tales.   The stories are often very violent, sometimes grotesque and gory, occasionally touching and tender, and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.  And regularly allContinue reading “Recommended Film: The Land”

Carry On Criminal!

It’s been said that the British like eccentrics and I think it’s certainly true that we have a predisposition towards the odd, the awkward – especially where our entertainers are concerned. Britain has had its share of slick matinée idols of course, but there was always something a bit rough around the edges about theContinue reading “Carry On Criminal!”

Recommended Read: Ezra Slef – The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature by Andrew Komarnyckyj

Humbert Botekin, a disgraced English literature professor, decides to write the definitive biography of his hero Ezra Slef – a world-renowned postmodernist novelist. Slef, however, declines to be interviewed by Botekin and even refuses him access to photographs to use in the biography. Still, the hopelessly deluded Botekin is not easily deterred and he embarksContinue reading “Recommended Read: Ezra Slef – The Next Nobel Laureate in Literature by Andrew Komarnyckyj”

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence’s Mate is at 6S

I’m back over at the Six Sentences site with a little yarn entitled The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence’s Mate. ‘Oliver Peacock had often thought that there was an art to being in the right place at the right time and that life was more than simply a matter of chance, of luck.’ Read theContinue reading “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence’s Mate is at 6S”

Recommended Read: Hinton Hollow Death Trip by Will Carver

(THIS REVIEW FIRST APPEARED OVER AT CRIME FICTION LOVER) Emotionally battered and bruised by his most recent case, Detective Sergeant Pace leaves London behind, including his loving girlfriend and confidant Maeve, and returns to his rural hometown of Hinton Hollow – population 5,120 – in the hope of some sort of respite. But Evil follows himContinue reading “Recommended Read: Hinton Hollow Death Trip by Will Carver”

A Film For Friday: The Ghost Train

“The Ghost Train” is a 1941 British film directed by Walter Forde and was based on the 1923 play of the same name written by Arnold Ridley, who much later played Private Godfrey in Dad’s Army. The story is about hijinks and chills ensue when a group become stranded at an isolated station and aContinue reading “A Film For Friday: The Ghost Train”

Update: Guns Of Brixton and Cold London Blues

Would you Adam and Eve it, Guns of Brixton and Cold London Blues are brown bread! Well, not quite … My comic crime capers Guns of Brixton and Cold London Blues were published by Caffeine Nights Publishing in 2014 and 2016 respectively.  And they received a hell of a lot of positive feedback, particularly GunsContinue reading “Update: Guns Of Brixton and Cold London Blues”

Recommended Read: Slow Horses by Mick Herron

River Cartwright’s short career in the Intelligence Service is almost down the Swanee due to a major screw up on his part. Luckily for him, his grandfather is a bit of a big shot in the Service so he is instead banished to the purgatory of Slough House – home to the Service’s flotsam andContinue reading “Recommended Read: Slow Horses by Mick Herron”

Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns is OUT NOW!

GUMSHOE BLUES: THE PETER ORD YARNS was published by CLOSE TO THE BONE yesterday, and it’s already picked up a couple of more than decent reviews. Over at THE DARK TIMES, Elgin Bleeker says: ‘Funny and noir are two words not frequently linked. But Paul D. Brazill, master of the comic crime novel and shortContinue reading “Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns is OUT NOW!”

Pre – order Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns

“The adventures of this PI feel like they rolled out of a Tom Waits song — crime with the feel of a shaggy dog story” — K A Laity. “An original homebrew with a kick. Well worth sampling.” — Mark Ramsden. Following the breakdown of his marriage, in a booze-addled flash of inspiration, Peter OrdContinue reading “Pre – order Gumshoe Blues: The Peter Ord Yarns”