A Song For Saturday: Wrong Way by Scarlet

Scarlet – Wrong Way [Official Music Video] Video Made by Osomly in Letnica / Zielona Gora – Poland Director / Script / Screen Writer – Frank Duffy Production manager / Costumes / Makeup – Aga Ejsmont Photography and editing – Michał Koźba Starring – Aga Ejsmont / Oliwia Chilińska Storyboarding – Krystian Seredyński Marionette made by – Artur Endler

A Film For Friday: Salient Minus Ten

SALIENT MINUS TEN is the new Sci-Fi Horror short film from award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark, and is a cerebral foray into the darker, more disturbing, side of Science Fiction. Adam Harper (Alan Austen, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back) is an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted into the strangest, reality changing game… A game of time and chance, where the stakes are a matter of life and death. “Instead of relying on gore or cheap jump scares to get under your skin, this is a film which asks you to think and connect the dots yourself, and you almost feel as though you want to thank it for that.” – Dread Central (4/5* review), http://bit.ly/2on4LJi

AWARDS & NOMINATIONS * WINNER ‘Best Actor’ (Alan Austen), WINNER ‘Best Cinematography’ (Philip Bloom), WINNER ‘Best Editing’ (Emma Dark), Nominated ‘Best Short’, ‘Best Music / Sound’ (Eric Elick & Chris Collier), ‘Outstanding Female Filmmaker’ (Emma Dark) – Stormy Weather Horror Fest Summer 2019 * WINNER ‘Albert Pyun Inspiration Award’ (Emma Dark), Nominated ‘Best Short Film’, ‘Audience Choice’, ‘Best Cinematography’ (Philip Bloom) – The Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, The Hub, Bangor, October 2018 * Nominated ‘Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy’ – Snake Alley Festival of Film, Capitol Theater, Burlington, June 2018 * Nominated ‘Best Horror/Sci-Fi’ – 2nd Annual – Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival, Mauch Chunk Opera House, April 2018 * WINNER ‘Best Director’ (Emma Dark) – Starburst Magazine’s Media City Film Festival, The Landing, March 2018 * Nominated ‘Best Short Film’ – The British Horror Film Festival, Cineworld Leicester Square, November 2017 ​

FESTIVALS & SCREENINGS * Fantoms (REGIONAL PREMIERE – NEWCASTLE UK, Star and Shadow cinema, October 2019) * Stormy Weather Horror Fest Summer 2019 * Medusa Underground Film Festival (REGIONAL PREMIERE – NEVADA USA, The Artisan Hotel Boutique, Las Vegas, January 2019) * Black Sunday Film Festival (The Whirled Cinema, December 2018) * International Moving Image Society (01zero-one, October 2018) * The Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival (NORTHERN IRISH PREMIERE, The Hub, Bangor, October 2018) * Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival (REGIONAL PREMIERE – NORTH CAROLINA USA, The Cary Theater, Cary, September 2018) * Snake Alley Festival of Film (REGIONAL PREMIERE – IOWA USA, Capitol Theater, Burlington, June 2018) * Rue Morgue Magazine and Unstable Ground’s Little Terrors Monthly Short Film Festival (CANADIAN PREMIERE, Imagine Cinemas Carlton, April 2018) * 2nd Annual – Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival (REGIONAL PREMIERE – PENNSYLVANIA USA (EAST COAST), Mauch Chunk Opera House, April 2018) * Starburst Magazine’s Media City Film Festival (REGIONAL PREMIERE – GREATER MANCHESTER, The Landing, March 2018) * Billy Chainsaw’s Nova Nights (The Horse Hospital, London, February 2018) * Panic Fest (USA PREMIERE, Screenland Armour Cinema, Kansas City, January 2018) * The Dark Side Magazine’s DarkFest (Genesis Cinema, November 2017) * The British Horror Film Festival (WORLD PREMIERE, Cineworld Leicester Square, November 2017)

CREDITS: Edited, Produced, Written, and Directed by Emma Dark Original Music by Eric Elick Director of Photography Philip Bloom Sound Design by Chris Collier

Adam Harper – Alan Austen The Woman – Emma Dark Commuter/Automaton – Chris Hampshire Commuter – Beric Read Commuter – Samantha Oci For a full list of cast and crew credits and to find out more please visit the following links: IMDb – imdb.com/title/tt5935326 Facebook – facebook.com/SalientMinusTen Twitter – twitter.com/SalientMinusTen

Copyright © 2017 Emma Dark. All Rights Reserved. emmadark.com facebook.com/EmmaDarkOfficial

A Film For Friday: The Night Bell

More About “The Night Bell” : After serving in World War II as a nurse, Alice leaves her husband and begins working at a morgue under the reserved Dr. Lauchlan. However, when she glimpses the female corpses coming to life, Alice learns that the doctor has darker plans for her.

“The Night Bell” Credits Directed by Alex Haney Screenplay by Jillian Dudley Produced by Dominica Ruelas & Jillian Dudley Assistant Director Paige Saucin Director of Photography Natalie A. Chao Lighting Director Kenzo Khang Le Production design by Katie Theel, Lainey Wood Sound Mixed and Edited by Ariana Coyle Edited by Connor Jacob Music by Alex Winkler Yvette Tucker as Alice Peter Michael McDonald as Dr. Lauchlan Celina Biurrun as Mica

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Recommended Read: Tainted Love by T S Hunter

Small town boy Joe Hunter heads off to London to stay with his old friend Chris, a rising star in the fashion industry.  When Chris is killed, Joe, along with a former police detective, decides to investigate the murder.  T S Hunter’s Tainted Love is set in Soho in the mid-1980s and has a great sense of time and place. Tainted Love is a whip crack of a read and a great start to T S Hunter‘s acclaimed Soho Noir series.

tainted love

Last Year’s Man makes 10th Rule Books’ best 5 books from 2018


They say:

‘In no particular order our favorite books from 2018:

Know Me From Smoke – Matt Phillips – Fahrenheit 13

This one is old school noir done right. The dialog cuts and so do the knives. Convicted killer Royal Atkins finds himself back on the streets and in a relationship with Stella Radney, a singer* whose husband was a victim of Royal’s. What could go wrong? Well, a lot, a whole hell of a lot.

Find some trouble here

Scapegoat – Adam Howe and James Newman – Honey Badger Press

A non-stop bit of wrong place and wrong time backwoods horror filled with dark humor, religious fanatics, violence, gore, bizarre rituals, and 80’s metal. Three old friends and former bandmates from their hair metal days* along with a girl who isn’t exactly what she seems, stumble into some wicked business after taking a wrong turn on the way to WrestleMania and all hell breaks loose (literally). Howe and Newman have crafted themselves one of the most brutal books a person can laugh at with this one.

Click here if you dare

Slug Bait – Tom Liens – Dirty Books

Straight forward and brutal crime fiction that puts you in a headlock and starts punching. Watching Rey, kind of a private eye but mostly just a bad-ass, pound his way through a collection of thugs, corrupt cops, and serial killers is damn good fun.

Find it here

Last Years Man – Paul D, Brazil – All Due Respect

When aging hitman Bennet runs into trouble in London he heads back to his hometown where everything goes great. Actually no, he runs into more trouble, a lot of it. Another hard hitting quick read filled with sharp dialog and a dash of dark humor (do you see a theme here?).

Get it here.

Deadlines – A tribute to Willian E. WallaceAll Due Respect and Down and Out Books

Normally for these lists, we leave out our own books and writers, we made a little bit of an exception here. Todd Morr is in this one but he only accounts for like four percent, which for the purpose of this we’ll pretend doesn’t exist. Bill Wallace was a great writer and though we didn’t know him as well as we would have liked he was a great dude as well. He was a huge supporter of the Indie crime scene so it makes sense the indie crime scene would step up for him. Chris Rhatigan and Ron Earl Phillips edited this collection of twenty-three top crime fiction writers and Todd Morr. Some took inspiration from Bill’s newspaper career and others just wrote the kind of dark pulp stories Bill tirelessly championed. Some stories are better than others but over 23 stories* every one manages to kick some serious ass, just like Bill would have wanted.
You know what to do

As always if the winners can find Todd Morr* he will buy them a beer or maybe even two*.

If you like our picks there’s a good chance you’ll like our books. You can find them all here

Recommended Read: Fighting Talk by Martin Stanley

Fighting TalkWhen loan shark Alan Piper offers Eric Stanton a job, he reluctantly agrees. Against his better judgment, Eric enlist the aid of his psychotic brother, Derek. The pair are soon embroiled in dog fighting, mad junkies, Polish gangsters, and a hell of a lot of violence.

Martin Stanley’s Fighting Talk is Brit Grit at its best. Choc full of great characters and dialogue, its as funny  as it is brutal,  and has a great sense of place. Five Gritty Stars!