I’m Interviewed by Mark Slade

Mark Slade interviews me over at the Marchaic Media site. ‘What was the first thing you remember reading? Probably comic strips in newspapers. ‘Chipper’ in The Hartlepool Daily Mail, ‘Garth’ and ‘Andy Capp’ in The Daily Mirror, ‘The Broons’ and ‘Oor Wullie’ in The Sunday Post.’ Read the rest here.

News: An Interview and A Few Reviews

Colman Keane interviewed me over at Col’s Criminal Library. ‘Did the end result mirror your expectations at the start of the process, or is it a very different book to what you imagined? Yes, it has the balance of violent, vivid pulp fiction and sixties Britcom that I wanted. I also wanted more gaudy charactersContinue reading “News: An Interview and A Few Reviews”

Tim O’Mara interviews me at The Big Thrill

‘Paul Brazill’s newest novella, MAN OF THE WORLD, features aging hitman Tommy Bennett, who has left London and returned to his coastal hometown, hoping for a peaceful retirement. It isn’t long before his past catches up with him, sending him running back to London—only to find that mayhem awaits him there as well. I askedContinue reading “Tim O’Mara interviews me at The Big Thrill”

Updates! A new interview, a few reviews and a Portrait …

Bits and bobs have been going recently, so I’ll give you a brief update, if you’re that way inclined … I have an interview with Tony Eames up at NFReads … ‘What is/are the real-life story(ies) behind your book(s)? I draw a lot from real-life: actual incidents, people, names. My most recent publication, Gumshoe Blues,Continue reading “Updates! A new interview, a few reviews and a Portrait …”

I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive

‘Born in legendary England, but having sojourned in Poland for some time, Brit-Grit author Paul D. Brazill typically pens what he calls “screwball noir.” His writing has been translated into Italian, Finnish, Polish, German and Slovene. His work has also been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime.Continue reading “I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive”

I’m Interviewed at Dr J Reads.

‘I recently had the chance to read Gumshoe Blues by Paul Brazill. It was a lyrical and engaging example of detective fiction. Here is an interview with the author: 1.     Please tell us about your work. My books include Last Year’s Man, Guns Of Brixton, Too Many Crooks, A Case Of Noir, and KillContinue reading “I’m Interviewed at Dr J Reads.”

I’m Interviewed by Romanian filmmaker and poet Andreea Boyer

  Andreea Boyer, the director of the feature film JULIA 17, recently asked me a few questions. ‘Andreea Boyer: What can you tell us about your best experiences and what moments in your career as a writer have been the most influential and significant ones for you? Paul D. Brazill: For sure meeting people online whoContinue reading “I’m Interviewed by Romanian filmmaker and poet Andreea Boyer”

My interview with Arco Van Ieperen. 

On Saturday 22 September, I took part in the Festiwalu Literatury Wielorzecze  in the town of  Elbląg here in Poland. Nick Sweeney and I were interviewed by Arco Van Ieperen.   Radek Obuchowski translated. Here is a version of that interview that I thought some of you might enjoy. Why did you choose the genre of Crime Fiction for your novels and short stories?Continue reading “My interview with Arco Van Ieperen. “

I’m Interviewed at My Book Place

‘Do you have any unusual writing habits? I write as and when I can, in an ad hoc and slapdash manner. It’s a pretty good reflection of how I live my life, really. What authors, or books have influenced you? Damon Runyon because he created his own world. Allan Guthrie because he showed a darklyContinue reading “I’m Interviewed at My Book Place”

David Nemeth interviews me at Do Some Damage

‘David: I enjoyed one of your latest books, “Last Year’s Man” which displays the wit in your writing. So, what makes Brits funnier than Americans? Kidding. A bit of a safer question, what is it that makes the English so damn funny? Paul: I think the Brits revel in our own ridiculousness, we know that life andContinue reading “David Nemeth interviews me at Do Some Damage”

ITW Roundtable discussion July 23-29

I’m over at The Big Thrill taking part in the ITW Roundtable discussion July 23- 29: “How do you choose your character’s names?” ‘With ThrillerFest firmly in our rearview mirror and our writing bucket full of inspiration, we turn to ITW Members Alan Jacobson, Dani Pettry, Patrick Oster, Jay Brandon, Robert J. Stava, Paul D. Brazill, Kim Alexander, Sarah Simpson, William Boyle, David Orange and Lisa Black as theyContinue reading “ITW Roundtable discussion July 23-29”

A Short Interview and A Few Tasty Reviews

Over at Unlawful Acts, Indie Crime Mastermind David Nemeth takes a look at Last Year’s Man and says: ‘“Last Year’s Man” is a one-sitting book, so grab a pint or two or maybe some whiskey, sit back and enjoy.’ Read the rest here. Over at Amazon.com, Kevin McNamara also reviews Last Year’s Man and says:Continue reading “A Short Interview and A Few Tasty Reviews”

I’m Interviewed by Tony Black

Over at Pulp Pusher, I talk to the Tartan Noir kingpin about Last Year’s Man and gangster films. ‘We haven’t had a Q&A at Pulp Pusher for quite some time. So, I thought we should so something about that.  We’ve asked the one and only Paul D. Brazill along to tell us about his latestContinue reading “I’m Interviewed by Tony Black”