Recommended Reads

Die, You Bastard Die! – Jan Kozlowski Claire is a tough, no-nonsense paramedic who is called back to her home town to take care of her injured father. The sordid skeletons come rattling out of the closet as Claire is forced to confront her abusive childhood. Can any book live up to a title as goodContinue reading “Recommended Reads”

Short, Sharp Interview: Jan Kozlowski

PDB: Can you pitch Die, You Bastard Die ! in 25 words or less?
 Paul, I’m lucky in that I think the title says it all, but here goes: DIE, YOU BASTARD! DIE! is a down-and-dirty, grindhouse-style revenge story that registers somewhere between Misery and Last House on the Left on the EEK! meter. PDB:Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Jan Kozlowski”