I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive

‘Born in legendary England, but having sojourned in Poland for some time, Brit-Grit author Paul D. Brazill typically pens what he calls “screwball noir.” His writing has been translated into Italian, Finnish, Polish, German and Slovene. His work has also been published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Books of Best British Crime.Continue reading “I’m Interviewed by Jason Beech at The Flash Fiction Offensive”

Recommended Reads: Nick Kolakowski, Jason Beech, Matt Phillips.

Nick Kolakowski – Boise Longpig Hunting Club There’s a bounty hunter and his missing guns. There’s Aryan assassins and there’s Zombie Bill. And there’s more! Nick Kolakowski’s Boise Longpig Hunting Club is a terrific read. A great blend of hard-boiled pulp fiction and high-octane action thriller. Pow! Jason Beech- City Of Forts.  A group of kidsContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Nick Kolakowski, Jason Beech, Matt Phillips.”

Jason Beech Reviews Guns Of Brixton

Over at his blog, ace crime writer JASON BEECH SAYS: ‘Guns of Brixton is a mutt, bred from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Pulp Fiction, The Sweeney, and the Carry On films. All of this could have been a mushy stew, but Brazill has such a way with words and structure that this is allContinue reading “Jason Beech Reviews Guns Of Brixton”

OUT NOW! The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn

Thirteen ways to remember the dead. Thirteen histories of a loving husband. Betty Peppercorn is burning her husband Frank today. Well, she’s burning her property. The corpse she was left with as a reward for loving somebody for better or worse. Frank exists only in her thoughts, anymore. To her knowledge, Frank had no friends.Continue reading “OUT NOW! The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn”

Recommended Reads: March 2017

Moorlands by Jason Beech Larry is a burglar who needs to get his hands on some cash. Sharpish. When his step- father – a retired cop – asks him to track down his errant sister , he has the chance of a way out of  his financial problems but Larry soon digs himself even deeperContinue reading “Recommended Reads: March 2017”


PDB: Can you pitch  your latest book in 25 words or less? JASON: 22 shorts, novelettes, and a novella, featuring violence, rotten goings-on, smart-arses, dumbos, and a dodgy inn-keeper, all with dirty hands and stress-addled minds. PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written? JASON: I wish I’d writtenContinue reading “SHORT, SHARP INTERVIEW: Jason Beech”