Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods

Bill Derringer is an Iraq war veteran who is having trouble making ends meet. When he and his wife Edie take their two kids to visit Edie’s Aunt Ida, she turns out to be a lot more than Bill had bargained for and things soon spiral wildly out of control. Jonathan Woods’ ‘Kiss The DevilContinue reading “Recommended Read: Kiss The Devil Goodnight by Jonathan Woods”

Recommended Reads

Galviston by Nic Pizzolatto Haunting and hard-hitting, Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston is a fantastic spin on the man-on-the run sub-genre of harboiled crime fiction. Prose as tight as a snare drum. Dashes of lyricism that never overpower the storytelling. Great, realistic characters and situations. Marvellous stuff. Just Like That by Les Edgerton Just Like That hasContinue reading “Recommended Reads”

Short, Sharp Interview : Jonathan Woods

PDB: Can you pitch Phone Call from Hell & Other Tales of the Damned in 25 words or less? Some of the most twisted stuff I’ve ever written.  My stories will take you places you’ve never been before.  Yup: sex, violence and dark humor.   PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows have floatedContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview : Jonathan Woods”