Drag Noir is reviewed at Starburst Magazine

Starburst Magazine takes a gander at Drag Noir, the anthology edited by K A Laity and published by Fox Spirit Books which includes my yarn A Bit Of A Pickle. ‘Other highlights include Kiki Le Shade by Chloe Yates, a lovely little horror story that mixes noir, drag and something else into the mix toContinue reading “Drag Noir is reviewed at Starburst Magazine”

Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Wynd

PDB: What’s going on now? I have a story ‘Headless in Bury’ in the new Fox Spirit anthology Missing Monarchs. It sets a PI named Wolf on the trail of the head of a long-dead King, St Edmund. There’s a bunch of great folks in this collection including Jo Thomas, Geraldine Clark Hellary and theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Graham Wynd”

CLIP: A Bit Of A Pickle by Paul D. Brazill

‘The ghost of a Petula Clark song drifted into The Bag O’ Nails through a partly open window. A shard of sunlight sliced through the blinds, picking out specks of dust that floated in the air. An old electric kettle boiled in another room. A refrigerator hummed. A dishwasher chugged dully. A mangy black andContinue reading “CLIP: A Bit Of A Pickle by Paul D. Brazill”

Bits n Bobs: News, Updates etc

Bits n Bobs: The Drag Noir anthology – edited by K A Laity and published by Fox Spirit – is out now and over here you can find out what inspired my yarn ‘A Bit Of A Pickle’ … My new Brit Grit Alley column is live at Out Of the Gutter Online and includesContinue reading “Bits n Bobs: News, Updates etc”

Crime Fiction – Here and There and Again

Back In 2012 I had the real pleasure of being at special guest at Crime Fiction – Here and There, Now and Then, an academic conference at the University Of Gdansk which was organised by Agnieszka Sienkiewicz-Charlish, M.A. and Urszula Elias, M.A. The Academic Advisor was Prof. David Malcolm, who has a story in Exiles: An Outsider Anthology. Being an academic conference, a lot of it wasContinue reading “Crime Fiction – Here and There and Again”

Recommended Reads: Hard-Boiled Witch by K. A . Laity

With her terrific  new short story series, Hard-Boiled Witch, K A Laity – author of the cracking White Rabbit – once again mixes crime fiction, the supernatural and smart writing to come up with a lethal cocktail. Marvelous . The Blurbs: Book 1: Hocus-Pocus You’re Dead. Hecate Sidlaw eats punks like you for breakfast — atContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Hard-Boiled Witch by K. A . Laity”

Exiles Guest Blog:How I Wrote ‘Eating the Dream’ by K. A. Laity

I’m trying to remember where this story came from. I know the title came first, but not really because before that came William Blake and the Red Dragon, but before that came Springsteen and songs of escape, but even before that came cars. I grew up in a factory town where automobiles were the trade.Continue reading “Exiles Guest Blog:How I Wrote ‘Eating the Dream’ by K. A. Laity”

Recommended Reads

Galviston by Nic Pizzolatto Haunting and hard-hitting, Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston is a fantastic spin on the man-on-the run sub-genre of harboiled crime fiction. Prose as tight as a snare drum. Dashes of lyricism that never overpower the storytelling. Great, realistic characters and situations. Marvellous stuff. Just Like That by Les Edgerton Just Like That hasContinue reading “Recommended Reads”

Guest Blog: Revisiting: SHADOW OF A DOUBT by K A Laity

Though it’s fallen out of fashion a wee bit, Hitchcock seemed to always consider this film his finest and people as wildly varying in their opinions as David Mamet and the baying jackals, er, critics of Rotten Tomatoes agree. Shadow of a Doubt offers a gripping tale with gruesome undertones. It’s a genuine snapshot ofContinue reading “Guest Blog: Revisiting: SHADOW OF A DOUBT by K A Laity”

Out now! It’s A Curse: A Roman Dalton Yarn by K A Laity

It’s A Curse: A Roman Dalton Yarn is a noir/ horror short story based an characters created by Paul D. Brazill. Roman Dalton’s woken up in the wrong place again, but this time he can’t blame it on the moon. Never mind the bikers, gamblers and gangsters, this time he’s got real trouble. Finding himselfContinue reading “Out now! It’s A Curse: A Roman Dalton Yarn by K A Laity”