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Kevin S. Cummings reviews Kill Me Quick! over at his blog. He says: ‘Kill Me Quick! by Paul D. Brazill is #12 in a 13 series list of quality crime novellas published by Number Thirteen Press. The latest Brazill offering goes down like two Alka-Seltzers and spring-water in a crystal  tumbler during day two ofContinue reading “More Top Reviews!”

Short, Sharp Interview: Kevin Cummings

PDB: What’s going on now? KC: I’ve just released my first book, Bangkok Beat with Frog in the Mirror Press. A collection of short stories, interviews that include questions I stole from you, literature reviews, Thailand expat profiles and the history of an old brothel and current Bangkok Cabaret nightclub. An odd duck of aContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Kevin Cummings”