Kevin Tipple Reviews The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh paperback Kevin Tipple gives The Last Laugh a brilliantly incisive and detailed review.

‘Stories filled with characters that experience constant hard times, drink a lot, and do what they have to survive. The Last Laugh most definitely lives up to its billing of “Crime Stories.” From start to finish in each tale the crime is the thing. The how, the why, and the players all change, but a crime remains the focus of each tale. As is the noir spirit regardless of the European setting of these twenty short stories.  ‘

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13 Shots Of Noir Reviewed at Kevin’s Corner

13 shotsKevin Tipple gives 13 Shots Of Noir a smashing and detailed review.

‘As noted in the subtitle of 13 Shots of Noir the e-book contains 13 short, sharp stories of booze, bullets and bodies. The read fully delivers on those aspects and plenty more.’

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Guns Of Brixton reviewed at Kevin’s Corner

GOB paperback‘Like a lot of the Paul D. Brazill’s excellent stories there are a large number of cultural references at work in this twisting crime yarn. Many become clear in time via the context of the story through one does get the feeling one is missing a point or joke here and there. What is clear regardless of your personal familiarity with the cultural references is that humor is prevalent in this read as is plenty of serious violence and action in a noir style tale that gets bigger and bigger as the novella works toward the conclusion.’ Read the rest of the review here and check out the rest of Kevin Tipple’s excellent blog.