Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.

  One of the things I did during my brief jaunt to The Big Apple in 2001 was to walk from Times Square- where I was staying – and down Broadway to place my hand on the Brill Building. And I did. It was a hot summers day and I burnt my hand. It’s aContinue reading “Grace Of My Heart by Allison Anders.”

Short, Sharp Interview: Vic Godard

PDB: Can you pitch your latest release in 25 words or less? Live and Rare Volume 1 is an extraordinary trawl through 35 years of the Subway Sect. Also forthcoming are a single on Edwyn Collins’ AED Records and a single with Mates Mates on Famelic Records [of Vic Catalonia] PDB: What music, books, filmsContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Vic Godard”

Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Pigalle

(photo by Kevin Cummins) PDB: Can you pitch L’AME EROTIQUE in 25 words or less? AP: 21 vignettes about eroticism, not pornography; people laughed when I first started, they are all doing it now, badly. PDB: What music, books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? AP: There seems to be a lackContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Anne Pigalle”

Off The Record 2- At The Movies is Out Now !!!

Off The Record 2- At The Movies is an anthology of 47 short stories, based on film titles, from some of the  best and most bad-bum writers around. And all proceeds go to charity. Find out more in my latest Brit Grit Alley column which is, as usual, over at Out Of The Gutter Online.

Small Town Creed by Paul D. Brazill

When You’re Growing Up In A Small Town/ You Hate It And You Want To Get Out.’ Lou Reed. ‘The lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a more dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful countryside.’Sherlock Holmes And small town America seems to be even worse. If we goContinue reading “Small Town Creed by Paul D. Brazill”

Days Of Futuramas Past

Here comes the sun, which means the rock festival season is already upon us. Young and old alike are turning up at football stadiums or muddy fields for the likes of Coldplay, The Stone Roses and, er, probably loads of people I’ve never heard of. And all in the name of ‘fun’. Apparently. Not me, though.Continue reading “Days Of Futuramas Past”

A Film For Friday: Somebody To Love by Alexandre Rockwell

Alexandre Rockwell’s debut film, In The Soup, was a brilliant bittersweet comedy/crime drama that starred Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Beals and Seymour Cassell. Rockwell’s  1994 followup,  Somebody To Love is also some kind of wonderful .   The appeal of Somebody To Love will probably hinge on your taste for the star Rosie Perez. Perez can be a tad shrill and brash and, of course, IContinue reading “A Film For Friday: Somebody To Love by Alexandre Rockwell”

Palookaville (1995)

  Taking its title from a quoted-to-death  line in ‘On The Water Front,’ Palookaville is  the  story of Jerry, Russ  and Syd – three friends who feel  so trapped in their  no hoper jobs and one horse town that they decide  to escape the rut by embarking on a life of crime, at one pointContinue reading “Palookaville (1995)”

This Impossible Night by Peter Ord

PETER ORD – SONGWRITER I’ve known Peter Ord for THIRTY years ! He is a songwriter and artist living in Hartlepool, UK. A self-taught musician (guitar, bass and keyboards),he has been writing music since his early teens. In the 80’s he performed with post – punk bands in the Middlesbrough area, including Halcyon Days, OceansContinue reading “This Impossible Night by Peter Ord”

The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson

In his introduction to his  Postpunksampler 2, the legendary Julian Cope says tells this story: ‘In 1979, a smart, cool-looking guy called Richard Sanderson came backstage after a (Teardrop Explodes) Middlesborough show and gave me a bedroom recording of his quartet Drop. In his manner, style and quiet confidence, Richard was the Peter Hammill ofContinue reading “The Post Punk Peter Hammill – Richard Sanderson”