Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir

a case of black‘Luke Case is every bit the worthy protagonist of this archetypal piece of noir. His capacity for hard living is only just surpassed by his will to survive, in this fast-moving Euro-crime caper. Case doesn’t so much step on toes, as climb all over the clutches of the various gangsters he meets along the way, making his way from Poland to Spain and ultimately back to England to try and settle a particularly demanding debt. The characters are vibrant, the dialogue sharp and witty and the denouement an absolute gem. A Case Of Noir is stylish, compulsive throughout and despite all the casually wicked stuff that happens, you can’t help but smile broadly at the denouement. Cracking stuff.’

Dominic Milne reviews A Case Of Noir.

James A. Newman Reviews A Case Of Noir

A Case Of Noir

‘Paul D. Brazill’s world here is one of peroxide Berliner blondes wearing PVC raincoats with blood red lipstick smeared across their lips.  Barbarous gangsters and shyster scam artists, drunken literary agents and pop producers shelter in cities ruined by war and Vodka, drenched by decadence, spent of hope, driven by desire.’

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Some Tidy Reviews For A Case Of Noir


Over the last few weeks, A Case Of Noir has nabbed some some very tidy reviews over at Amazon.

Mark Hammonds says: ‘Brazill writes like Sid James chortles’.

Bluebell says: ‘This book is so well-written, sharp, intelligent and intriguing.’

A.W. Shaw says: ‘Populated by misfits and mischief this is a gritty, witty masterpiece.’


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Out Now !

Some stuff to spend your Xmas dosh on.

My comic crime caper Guns Of Brixton (published by Caffeine Nights Publishing) is out NOW as a paperback and as an eBook.  You can get it from from loads of places including Barnes & Noble, CaGOB paperbackffeine Nights PublishingWHSMITH, Waterstones, Foyles Amazon and Amazon UK. 

The Blurb:

A foul-mouthed, violently comic crime caper, full of gaudy characters and dialogue sharp enough to shave with

When London gangster Mad Tony Cook gives aging thugs Big Jim and Kenny Rogan the simple task of collecting a briefcase from northern courier Half-Pint Harry he doesn’t suspect that the courier will end up dead in his lock-up, or that Kenny and Big Jim will then dress up in drag to rob a jeweler’s shop and lose the coveted briefcase. A fast-moving, wild, and hilarious search for the missing briefcase quickly ensues, with fatal consequences.

A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill.

a case of blackPublished by Lite Editions. In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. In stormy Toulouse, he encounters a blast from the past that is positively seismic which forces him to return to England and confront his past. A Case Of Noir is a strong shot of international noir from Paul D. Brazill.

Exiles: An Outsider Anthology. Ed. Paul D. Brazill.

exiles pbkExiles is a collection of 26 short stories, all featuring the common theme of ‘outsiders’. Dedicated to Jeff Luke and Colin Graham. All proceeds go to the Marfan Foundation, in aid of people suffering from Marfan syndrome. Contributors: Heath Lowrance, Colin Graham, K. A. Laity, Chris Rhatigan,Steven Porter, Patti Abbott, Ryan Sayles, Gareth Spark, Pamila Payne, Paul D. Brazill, Jason Michel,Carrie Clevenger, David Malcolm, Nick Sweeney, Sonia Kilvington, Rob Brunet,James A. Newman,Tess Makovesky, Chris Leek,McDroll,Renato Bratkovič,Walter Conley, Marietta Miles, Aidan Thorn, Benjamin Sobieck, Graham Wynd, Richard Godwin. Published by Blackwitch Press.

CLIP: A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill

acon‘ The bookshop was jam-packed and stuffy. The wine and conversation were overflowing in equal measure. Keith Jarrett’s ‘Standards’ played numbly in the background as a veritable cornucopia of crime fiction writers of various levels of success held court in different parts of the room, shuffling nervously behind tables cluttered with copies of their latest pot-boiler. Their faces were frozen into rictus grins.

‘Bullets in the Bookshop’ was an annual event. An international meeting of writers and crime fiction groupies organised by Blackstones’s Bookshop in Cambridge, an archetypically quaint English bookshop on an archetypically quaint cobble-stoned English street, not far from King’s College. The non-writers were in the majority, of course. Most of them were spinsterly types of both sexes enthusing over Nordic Noir— whatever that was. Then there were also a few academics slumming it — one particularly dandruff speckled gent with the complexion of a blackcurrant crumble was talking loudly and authoritatively about crime fiction as a social novel and receiving a number of approving nods. And, of course, a few wannabee crime writers were there, too, trying to look mean and moody — all leather jackets, stubble and gently sneering. I even recognised a couple of the faces from the Quais Du Polar crime fiction festival in Lyon that I’d attended in the Spring.

Not that I was a connoisseur of crime fiction. I rarely read fiction at all, in fact. I’d attended the Quais Du Polar in order to meet up with Lena K, the torch singer turned bestselling crime writer who was also my partner in several unlawful activities. And I also had an ulterior and particularly criminal motive for being in Blackstone’s. A meeting with the man who was holding court at that moment.

Julian Stroud stood behind the largest table in the room and clearly thought a lot of himself. He was tall, handsome man in his mid-fifties and painfully well dressed. A pair of half-moon spectacles hung around his neck and he had the look of someone who had just smelt one of his own farts and found it surprisingly rank.

‘Why kill time when you can kill other people,’ said Stroud, the shadow of a smirk creeping and crawling across his too-tanned face. ‘Although, only on paper, of course, eh?’’

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aconcfl‘In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. In stormy Toulouse, he encounters a blast from the past that is positively seismic which forces him to return to England and confront his past. A Case Of Noir is a strong shot of blackly comic international noir from Paul D. Brazill.’


Short, Sharp Interview: Richard Godwin

PDB: What is Noir City?

It is different to my other works. The premise was to write a series based on a central character, Paris Tongue, but set in different cities. The publisher then asked me to turn it into a novel.

Here is the publisher’s synopsis.

Dangerous, blond Gigolo, Paris Tongue, uses his looks to seduce beautiful and wealthy women and introduce them to the Secret Hour, that hidden time when they can escape their lives. Using his inheritance to travel, he penetrates the erotic essence of different cities, from London, to Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf. But his sexual escapades begin to catch up with him. When he sleeps with the wife of a Mafia Boss he is hunted across Europe by hit men. He manages to evade his assassins, until they find him in Spain. But by then he has understood the deeper philosophy of Eros at the villa owned by the illegitimate granddaughter of Georges Bataille, and he sees them off. He is, after all, the bastard child of a killer, who knows how to survive. In Germany he meets Anja from Croatia, the first woman he wants to settle down with, and he realises he inhabits the Noir City, that place of intoxicated night and endless seductions.

PDB: How do the different locations influence the stories?

Enormously. The publisher wanted different takes on European capitals, and Paris Tongue travels through London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and finally Dusseldorf before jetting off to Split. He seduces many women and enjoys arousing their relationship to their culture. The sexual content is allied to the cultural idea of each city and its erotic self. Finally he realises he is part of the endless, erotic Noir City.

PDB: Can you tell us something about the publisher Atlantis/ Lite Editions?

I was approached by them for a story. That was the first Paris Tongue story. They published it under their imprint Lite Editions. They are publishing a number of European authors in a variety of genres.

PDB: A few of your books have been/ are being translated. Can you tell us about them?

Apostle Rising, has been translated into Hungarian by Alexandra, the biggest publisher in Hungary, and is selling really well. It is also now being translated into Italian by Atlantis, and Slovenian by Artizan Press. Mr. Glamour is being translated into Italian and French by the hot new publisher MeMe. They are also translating my next novel, Confessions Of A Hit Man into Italian and French.

PDB: What’s next on the agenda?

Confessions Of A Hit Man is out next month in paperback with MeMe.

PDB: Anything else you want to tell us?

I have two more novels out there under consideration.


Bio: Richard Godwin is the author of critically acclaimed novels Apostle Rising, Mr. Glamour, One Lost Summer, Noir City andConfessions Of A Hit Man. He is also a published poet and a produced playwright. His stories have been published in over 34 anthologies, among them his anthology of stories, Piquant: Tales Of The Mustard Man. Godwin was born in London and obtained a BA and MA in English and American Literature from King’s College London, where he also lectured. You can find out more about him at his , where you can also read his Chin Wags At The Slaughterhouse, his highly popular and unusual interviews with other authors.
(This interview first appeared at Out Of The Gutter Online)

I’m in the Hartlepool Mail

I was very pleased to find out that my home town’s newspaper, The Hartlepool Mail, had a feature on me this week. The main focus is A Case Of Noir, of course, but there was also some stuff about my family etc.

Thanks to journalist  Tracy Walker for the article and to my brother Brian for the scan.

Hpool Mail

Recommended Read: Noir City by Richard Godwin

noir-city-339x524-rgnet-homeIn Noir City, Richard Godwin unflinchingly and masterfully digs beneath the surface of London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Dusseldorf, and the cities’ recalcitrant denizens, as he follows the trail of sociopath gigolo Paris Tongue deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Beautiful prose and a claustrophobic sense of dread make Richard Godwin’s Noir City  a lyrical hybrid of noir,erotica,crime fiction and psychological drama worthy of Hitchcock or Argento.

Les Edgerton On A Case Of Noir

a case of blackLes Edgerton is one of my favourite writers, so I was more than somewhat chuffed when he offered this great blurb for A CASE OF NOIR.

There are a handful of writers for whose new work I await impatiently, and glom onto it the instant it’s available. At the very top of that list is the guy many of us refer to as “the godfather of noir,” the inestimable Paul D. Brazill. And, he never disappoints. Let me repeat that: he never disappoints. Such is the case of his newest book, A Case of Noir.

I’ll leave it for others to describe the plot which is highly original and inventive and will keep you glued to the Les Edgerton on Drunk On The Moonpage all the way through. The thing I always read Mr. Brazill for is the language and voice of his stories. There just isn’t anyone around to compare him to. His use of language is just the best and most compelling available and nothing has changed with this newest book. It’s simply magnificent. His prose soars and floats far above the firmament where most of us writers live.

There is one thing I can’t reveal at the end—you’ll have to read it to discover what I’m alluding to, but believe me, it’s worth it. All I can say is that Brazill rhymes with dazzle and that’s what you’ll get here.

Les Edgerton, author of The Bitch, The Rapist and the forthcoming The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping.



Out Now! The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 11

mammoth 11Edited by the legendary MAXIM JAKUBOWSKI  and includes my Warsaw set noir yarn RED ESPERANTO. (If you enjoy that BTW, pick up A CASE OF NOIR to see what happens next!) This is my third time in a MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST BRITISH CRIME so a big thanks to MAXIM!

Here’s the blurb:

This superb annual anthology of the year’s most outstanding short crime fiction published in the UK is now well into its second decade. Jakubowski has succeeded, once again, in unearthing the best short crime stories of English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish authors (along with a handful of US writers living in the UK, and some expatriate Brits). With this collection he showcases the impressive breadth of British crime writing, from cosy tales of detection to noir mayhem and psychological suspense and terror. There are puzzles to solve, nagging questions about the nature of British society, but, above all, there are over 40 wonderful, gripping stories to shock, delight and make you think twice, if not three times.

Contributors include Simon Kernick, Val McDermid, Alexander McCall Smith, John Lawton, Tim Willocks, Lee Child, Stephen Gallagher, Christopher Fowler, Peter Lovesey, David Hewson. New to this series are Will Carver, Christopher J. Simmons, Susan Everett, Tim Willocks, Dreda Say Mitchell, Kate Rhodes, Rhys Hughes, Paul Charles, Howard Linskey, Peter Guttridge, Mary Hoffman and Ros Asquith.

Full list of contributors: Lee Child; Kevin Wignall; Will Carver; Paul Charles; Val McDermid; Paul Johnston; Alison Bruce; Tim Willocks; Maxim Jakubowski; Rhys Hughes; Edward Marston; N. J. Cooper; Michael Z. Lewin; Peter Guttridge; Mary Hoffman; Peter Tremayne; Kate Rhodes; Paul D. Brazill; Ros Asquith; Amy Myers; Alexander McCall Smith; Nina Allan; Peter Turnbull; Jay Stringer; Martin Edwards; Zoë Sharp; Col Bury; David Stuart Davies; Howard Linskey; Susan Everett; Christopher Fowler; Dreda Say Mitchell; Roger Busby; Simon Kernick; Peter Lovesey; David Hewson; Gerard Brennan; Jane Casey; Christopher J. Simmons; Stephen Gallagher; John Lawton.

You can get it here or at loads of other places, online or in real life book shops.

A Case Of Noir by Paul D. Brazill is Out Now!

CaseOfNoir-06 (3)In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. While in stormy Toulouse, he encounters a blast from the past that is positively seismic which forces him to return to England and confront his past.

A Case Of Noir is a strong shot of international noir from Paul D. Brazill. Bio: Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. He is the author of Guns Of Brixton (Caffeine Nights Publishing). His writing has been translated into Italian, Polish and Slovene. He had had stories published in various magazines and anthologies, including The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime 8, 10 and 11 – alongside the likes of Lee Child, Ian Rankin and Neil Gaiman. He also edited the best-selling anthology True Brit Grit, along with Luca Veste, He contributes to Pulp Metal Magazine and has a regular column – Brit Grit Alley – at Out Of The Gutter Online. He is a member of International Thriller Writers Inc. You can usually him on Twitter and Facebook.

A Case Of Noir is published by Lite Editions and is available  in paperback from Amazon, Amazon UK and a few other joints.