Recommended Read: Bad Penny Blues by Cathi Unsworth

At the start of the Swinging Sixties, a serial killer nicknamed Jack The Stripper stalked te streets of West London. In Bad Penny Blues, Cathi Unsworth smartly weaves together fact and fiction as she tells the stories of Stella – a young fashion- designer who is haunted by visons of the dead women – andContinue reading “Recommended Read: Bad Penny Blues by Cathi Unsworth”

Recommended Read: The Not Knowing by Cathi Unsworth

Published in 2005, Cathi Unsworth’s The Not Knowing was her first novel. It is set in London in the early ’90s and what a great slice of London life it is. Diane Kemp is a journalist working for the trendy Lux magazine. When an uber-hip British film director goes missing she is dragged into theContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Not Knowing by Cathi Unsworth”

Henry Brock Reviews Cold London Blues

And says: ‘ 5 out of 5 stars  London is a violent violent town February 21, 2018 There are so many gems in Paul D. Brazill’s “Cold London Blues” that this review could contain nothing but a bulleted list. If I did that, surely it would be enough to convince you that you need to read thisContinue reading “Henry Brock Reviews Cold London Blues”

Col’s Criminal Library reviews Too Many Crooks

And says: There aren’t many better ways of spending a couple of hour’s reading-time than in the company of one of Brazill’s books…… mystery, cultural references, action, violence, enough boozing to sink a battleship, memorable characters and a genius for situational comedy Read the rest here.

Warren Stalley Reviews Too Many Crooks

Over at Warren Stalley says: ‘5.0 out of 5 stars. Seven Dollars on the Red Right from the start of Too Many Crooks there’s a blast of violence and gallows humour which sets the tone for the latest novel by talented Brit Grit author Paul D Brazill. The narrative follows various dubious criminals caught up inContinue reading “Warren Stalley Reviews Too Many Crooks”

CLIP: Cold London Blues by Paul D. Brazill

Cold London Blues (CLB) is a blackly comic slice of pulp fiction (or Punk Fiction, if you fancy!) published by indie publisher Caffeine Nights Publishing.  CLB is a follow up to my book Guns Of Brixton (GOB) – a violent gangster romp, a sweary Ealing Comedy. With GOB, I used the titles of Clash songsContinue reading “CLIP: Cold London Blues by Paul D. Brazill”

London Fings

‘Once our beer was frothy  but now its frothy coffee…’ – Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’be by Lionel Bart In 1959, the great Lionel Bart turned Frank Norman’s London set play ‘Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’be’ into a musical comedy about ‘low-life characters in the 1950s, including spivs, prostitutes, teddy-boys and corrupt policemen’.Continue reading “London Fings”

London Fings At Tess Makovesky’s Gaff

Over at Tess Makovesky‘s blog, she has a regular spot where writers talk about their book’s setting. I’m over there this week talking about London: ‘In 1959, the great Lionel Bart turned Frank Norman’s London set play ‘Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’be’ into a musical comedy about ‘low-life characters in the 1950s, including spivs,Continue reading “London Fings At Tess Makovesky’s Gaff”

Short Sharp Interview: J J Connolly

J J Connolly wrote the classic London crime novel Layer Cake over a decade ago. Since then it’s become a thing of legend and was adapted for the big screen, starring Daniel Craig. Now he’s back with a  sequel –Viva La Madness. We had  natter. PDB: In true Hollywood style, can you pitch Viva La Madness in 25 words or less? JJC:  VivaContinue reading “Short Sharp Interview: J J Connolly”