Michael Haskins Reviews Cold London Blues

Over at Amazon.co.uk, ace crime writer Michael Haskins says: ‘I am a fan of Paul Brazill and ordered from Amazon.UK so I could read this book before it’s US release date. And I am glad I did. The gritty writing captures characters that don’t seem to realize their world isn’t the world. Brazill uses character,Continue reading “Michael Haskins Reviews Cold London Blues”

Cold London Blues Around The World

Cold London Blues with me (and my other books) here in Poland. Ronnie Burke in the Boro. Jeff Munday in London. Micheal Haskins in Florida. Peter Ord in Hartlepool. Marky Hewitt in Hartlepool. Denise Sparowhawk in Hartlepool. K A Laity in Dundee. Mark Hammonds in the Boro. Vic Godard in Surrey.

Recommended Read: To Beat The Devil by Michael Haskins

Mick Murphy is out for revenge. Along with his long-time side-kick Norm, he sets off to track down Alexei, a powerful Russian gangster, and is soon mixed up with drug smugglers, a Mexican drug cartel, terrorists and shady government agents. Michael Haskins’ To Beat The Devil is a massively entertaining blend of crime fiction, thrillerContinue reading “Recommended Read: To Beat The Devil by Michael Haskins”

Recommended Read: Nobody Wins by Michael Haskins

Michael Haskins’ ‘Nobody Wins’ is a breathless, high-octane international crime thriller with the fast-pace of an ’80s action movie. The blurb: A simple request of Mick Murphy to find his cousin Cecil Fahey turns into a struggle of avoiding irate SAS soldiers determined to kill Cecil for his IRA activities in the ’80s. Murphy’s quest takesContinue reading “Recommended Read: Nobody Wins by Michael Haskins”

To Beat The Devil by Michael Haskins – First Two Chapters

Key West based writer Michael Haskins is the author of the highly successful Mick Murphy books. The next in the series, tentatively titled To Beat The Devil, is the sequel to the best-selling Stairway To The Bottom. It will be published in March 2013 and you can have an exclusive peek at the first twoContinue reading “To Beat The Devil by Michael Haskins – First Two Chapters”

Top Tips: Recommended Reads

Car Wash Blues by Michael Haskins. Journalist Mick Murphy takes his girlfriend’s car to a car wash and gets caught up in a bloody shoot-out. And then things really get out of hand as a couple of Mexican drug cartels descend on Murphy’s sedate Key West home intent on killing Murphy and his friends. CarContinue reading “Top Tips: Recommended Reads”

Short, Sharp Interview: Michael Haskins

PDB: Can you pitch your latest publication in 25 words or less?   All about greed that in the end changes my protagonist’s life forever, for the worse. PDB: Which books, films or television shows have floated your boat recently? I enjoy ABC’s Castle for escapism. I think most of the movies and TV showsContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Michael Haskins”