And so it came to pass … I’ve pretty much given up proper blogging: reviews, interviews, etc. Mainly because I find it quite hard work, and I’m more than somewhat idle. I recently started a Substack site, mainly to repost flash fiction, but I lost interest soon enough. So, I thought I’d try to postContinue reading “THIS/THAT/ & THE OTHER: OCTOBER 2021”

Recommended Reads: Black Summer & The Curator by M W Craven

Recommended Reads: Black Summer & The Curator by M W Craven A few SPOILER FREE words about these marvellous books. With his excellent novel The Puppet Show, M W Craven introduced us to the mismatched-team of rough n’ tumble cop Washington Poe and eccentric computer genius Tilly Bradshaw. In Black Summer and The Curator, PoeContinue reading “Recommended Reads: Black Summer & The Curator by M W Craven”

Recommended Read: The Puppet Show by M W Craven

In M W Craven’s The Puppet Show, disgraced cop Washington Poe is dragged into the investigation of a serial killer known as The Immolation Man when his name is discovered carved into a victim’s chest.  Poe is soon digging below the glittery veneer of local high society to reveal its dark secrets. The Puppet ShowContinue reading “Recommended Read: The Puppet Show by M W Craven”

Short, Sharp Interview: Mike Craven

PDB: Can you pitch YOUR FAVOURITE BOOK in 25 words or less? Commander Sam Vimes ends up in his own past, trying to stop a revolution whilst keeping his twenty-one-year-old self safe at the same time. PDB: Which music, books, films or television shows do you wish you had written? Music: Powerslave by Iron Maiden,Continue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Mike Craven”