Recommended Read: What Happens In Reno by Mike Monson

Matt Hodges is a failed gambler, an alcoholic and a perennial  screw-up who has a chance to sort out some of his life’s problems when he sells his late mother’s house. And, in true noir fashion, that’s when things really spiral out of control, of course. Mike Monson’s What Happens In Reno is a spikedContinue reading “Recommended Read: What Happens In Reno by Mike Monson”

Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 6

The sixth issue of All Due Respect Magazine is another beaut slice of pure hardboiled fiction. You get gamblers, wrestlers, bank robbers, juvenile delinquents, drunks, and double crosses galore. Every story is a gem but Wayne Kershaw Goes to Church by C.J. Edwards is particularly good and is as noir as it gets. The magazine is,Continue reading “Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 6”

Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5

The latest issue of ALL DUE RESPECT magazine is a knockout. Edited by Chris Rhatigan and Mike Monson, ADR is proving itself to be one of the best pulp magazines on the market. Even though they publish my stuff! The magazine opens with Broken Prayer, an atmospheric and very well written novel excerpt from SteveContinue reading “Recommended Read: All Due Respect Magazine 5”

The Bucket List at All Due Respect

I’m more than somewhat chuffed that my story The Bucket List will be included in the upcoming debut issue of  All Due Respect magazine. The full line up is: Chris F. Holm Paul D. Brazill Walter Conley Travis Richardson Renee Pickup Todd Robinson Mike Miner With a great pulp cover from Eric Beetner. All DueContinue reading “The Bucket List at All Due Respect”

Short, Sharp Interview: Mike Monson.

PDB: Could you tell us about your latest publication? It is called Criminal Love and Other Stories. Basically it is 23 stories — nearly all the stories I wrote from about June or July of 2012 to January or February of 2013. Seventeen of these were published either online or in anthologies. PDB: How long didContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: Mike Monson.”