Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues

Over at , ace crime writer Keith Nixon says: 5 out of 5 stars Brazill does it again ‘Poland based British author Paul Brazill serves up another belting slice of noir with a splash of dark humour. Seven interlinked stories follow with an international flavour, leaping principally between London and New York with Durham andContinue reading “Keith Nixon Reviews Big City Blues”

Big City Blues is FREE!

British coppers, an American private eye, London gangsters, international spies, and a serial killer known as The Black Crow all collide violently and hilariously in Big City Blues, another fast-moving and funny slice of Brit Grit from Paul D. Brazill. Grab BIG CITY BLUES  for FREE from , and the rest. Get itContinue reading “Big City Blues is FREE!”

A Case Of Noir is FREE !

In snow smothered Warsaw, Luke Case, a boozy English hack with a dark secret, starts a dangerous affair with a gangster’s wife. Case escapes to the sweltering Spanish heat where he meets a colourful cast of characters, including a mysterious torch singer and a former East End villain with a criminal business proposition. While inContinue reading “A Case Of Noir is FREE !”

Too Many Crooks is FREE!

Too Many Crooks is a blackly comic Brit Grit romp from the author of Guns Of Brixton and Kill Me Quick!  When high-class fence Leslie Hawkins meets Peter Rhatigan in a sleazy London pub, he offers her the chance to get her hands on the Totenkopfring, a legendary piece of World War Two memorabilia. However,Continue reading “Too Many Crooks is FREE!”

#Noirvember: A Case Of Noir

Have you ever walked out of the door and wanted to keep on walking? To get into your car and just drive, drive, drive? Or maybe wander down to the train station and get the next train to …well, anywhere? Anywhere but …here, of course. Because life is elsewhere. Real life is always somewhere else,Continue reading “#Noirvember: A Case Of Noir”

Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity

PDB: What’s going on? THE BLOOD RED EXPERIMENT! A new magazine that serialises neo-giallo novellas by me, Richard Godwin, Tom Leins, Kevin Berg, Mark Cooper, Jack Bates and James Shaffer, brought together by the combined efforts of Jason ‘Pulp Metal Magazine’ Michel and Craig ‘Near to the Knuckle’ Douglas. My novella is Madonna of theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: K A Laity”

James Newman Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘Brazill has a way with words and, yeah, he uses them here wisely. The character building is solid in all his books, the locations are real enough to touch and smell, and the humor is omnipresent. This man’s books are laugh-aloud hilarious simply because Brazill is a wickedly smart humorous writer who neverContinue reading “James Newman Reviews Big City Blues”

Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues

And says: ‘A bit of what we had in store………. coppers with a penchant for karaoke, criminal families, a Polish policewoman on secondment to the UK, a serial killer called Marjorie Razorblades, an American alcoholic and his irritated wife, prostitutes, death by knitting needle, death by baseball bat, dual settings of London and New York,Continue reading “Col’s Criminal Library Reviews Big City Blues”

Short, Sharp Interview: L A Sykes

PDB: What’s going on?   Sorting out some manuscripts and working on some more short fiction. Also, Near To The Knuckle are putting out the full collection of my short stories and flash fiction in a volume entitled Noir Medley.   PDB: Do you listen to music when you work?   No, the quieter theContinue reading “Short, Sharp Interview: L A Sykes”

Recommended Read: Eye For An Eye by Paul Heatley

Jasmine Doyle and her friends are messing about in a pub after hours when one of them throws a dart which hits Jasmine in the eye.  Her gangster dad Neil is soon out for revenge, calling in old stalwart Graeme to track down the perpetrator of the crime. Paul Heatley’s Eye For An Eye isContinue reading “Recommended Read: Eye For An Eye by Paul Heatley”

Recommended Read: Bad Luck City by Matt Phillips

Jaded Las Vegas hack Sim Palmer is approached by a stranger in a bar and asked to look into the disappearance of a young girl. Twists, turns and violence quickly ensue in a classic slice of atmospheric, brutal, fast-paced pulp fiction. Matt Phillips’ Bad Luck City is a whip crack of a read and isContinue reading “Recommended Read: Bad Luck City by Matt Phillips”